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MICHAEL FURLONG - Breakaway (1987) restored audio

MICHAEL FURLONG - Breakaway (1987) restored audio
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Mr. MICHAEL FURLONG released his debut on a major record company (Atlantic) in 1985 but soon was dropped by the label. The now legendary Music For Nations pick up Michael for a second offering, almost entirely recorded by himself.
"Breakaway" is pure Melodic Rock with the classic American AOR sound & style from the second half of the eighties plenty of hook laden songs, ear-catchy melodies and keyboards galore.
To my ears Furlong brings to mind Steve Perry solo works, just check the soaring "Steal The Night Away". Also traces of Benny Mardones - both in songwriting and vocal color - can be clearly appreciated on the wonderful semi-ballad "Savin' The Best For You", the radio-rocker "Walkin' The Streets Again" and the Michel Bolton-like "You Better Watch Your Step".
Another favorite is the pumping and more guitar oriented "Turn The World Around", always retaining the melody and keyboard layers.

MICHAEL FURLONG - Breakaway (1987) restored audio back cover

"Breakaway" was the last album from Michael Furlong as since the beginning of the nineties he is dedicated to tribute Tom Petty coast to coast across the US in Festivals and Casinos.
This is not the quite bad vinyl-rip floating around, nor the Retrospect CD release (which has been poorly taken from vinyl btw).
This file is a fresh LP capture, de-crackled and cleaned by myself. However, I have maintained the re-arranged Retrospect song sequence as it works better than the original vinyl, and added a couple of bonus, one of them the b-side from the only single of the album.
Really enjoyable American Melodic Rock / AOR stuff.

01 - Turn The World Around
02 - Steal The Night Away
03 - Savin' The Best For You
04 - Walkin' The Streets Again
05 - Breakaway
06 - You Better Watch Your Step
07 - Thru My Eyes
08 - San Francisco
09 - When Will I See You Again
10 - True Fine Mama (Bonus Track)
11 - Cold Eyes (Bonus Track)

Michael Furlong: vocals, guitars, bass, drums & percussion
Lener Gousetis: synthesizers
Rich Haines: electric piano, synths
Rick Keefer, Kit Ebersbach: additional keyboards
Chuck Ruff: additional drums
Terry Petersen: additional bass
Rich & Dan Haines, Neil Delaforce, Angelo Jensen: backing vocals