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TANDYM - 2F2G (2000)

TANDYM - 2F2G (2000)
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TANDYM hails from Atlanta, Georgia, where started as a trio at the beginning of the nineties. Their first self-released album with strong '80s influences received positive reviews, followed by this "2F2G" (Too Far Too Gone) in the year 2000.

Still retaining the classic melodies from debut, Tandym's "2F2G" is more melodic rock / radio rock oriented with cleaner guitars. There's nice choruses and easy to the ear arrangements sometimes recalling the late eighties Canadian scene.
To me their first CD is better in terms of musicality and retro-stylings, but "2F2G" is the one requested by a reader, and I decided to post it because it's extremely rare.
Decently recorded, produced & released by the band through their own label, "2F2G" is not essential at all, just a nice listening and one more for the rarities collection.

01 - What You Feel
02 - Too Far Too Gone
03 - Worry About You
04 - Living On The Edge
05 - Holed My Hand
06 - My Eyes
07 - No Reason
08 - Understanding
09 - Out Of The Blue
10 - Battlelines
11 - Feels Like Summer

Jay Saffold - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Scott Goodfellow - Vocals, Keyboards
Jimmy Baughman - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Additional Musicians:
Rob Peterson - Bass
David Brown - Backup Vocals on 1, 7
Thomas Journey (TJ) - Acoustic Guitar on 3



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