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GEORGE HILLS (Canada) - Dancing With A Stranger (1991)

GEORGE HILLS (Canada) - Dancing With A Stranger (1991)
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

Few things I know about Canadian singer GEORGE HILLS and his sole (?) album "Dancing With A Stranger" released in 1991. Nothing on the net, then I searched in my magazine collection: zero results.
Then let's talk a little about the music included on this rare CD.

Hills' songs are firmly planted on the American / Canadian commercial Rock&pop, light AOR sound typical of the era. The melodies, vocal harmonies and ear-friendly instrumentation are quite well arranged in the mould of the likes of Jimmy Harnen & The Synch (George's vocal register reminds me Harnen a lot), Beau Coup, Stan Meissner, Worrall, etc.
There's some nice guitar work on the uptempo tracks, keyboards (including pianos) on the calmer numbers, and as said, fine harmonies, although Hill leads aren't the most distinctive in the world.

GEORGE HILLS' "Dancing With A Stranger" is a cool one, requested many times in the Request & Fill Corner and finally it's here.

01 - Dancing With A Stranger
02 - Doesn't Have To Be That Way
03 - Mystical Lady
04 - Spark Me Your Love
05 - Road To Your Door
06 - How Will I Know
07 - Soft Sweet Town
08 - Center Stage
09 - Leanne
10 - Images

Personnel: unknown

GEORGE HILLS Dancing With A Stranger


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