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GLEN BURTNIK - Slaves Of New Brunswick (1991)

GLEN BURTNIK - Slaves Of New Brunswick (1991)
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Born in North Brunswick, New Jersey, GLEN BURTNIK's musical journey began as session musician during the seventies recording for well known acts, but he become highly requested as songwriter amassing credits that have seen his songs performed by artists from the most diverse genres.
Signed to A&M Records in the mid-eighties, Burtnik (also known as 'the hitmaker') released two lovable AORish discs but failed to make much of an impact. Then in 1989 he was called by Dennis DeYoung to replace Tommy Shaw in the reconstituted Styx, recording and contributing half of the songs on the Edge Of The Century album.

While recording the album with Styx, Burtnik started to plan a side project focused on his first love: the New Jersey sounding Rock 'N Roll.
With a multicolor bunch of colleagues from diverse genres including the likes of Dave LaRue of Dixie Dregs, Jim Babjak from The Smithereens, David Prater on drums (yes, the talented producer of FireHouse, Night Ranger, etc.), Tony Shanahan (Patti Smith Band), and many more, Glen formed the 'Slaves Of New Brunswick', to record his own penned compositions about the New Jersey city / music history.
So this is not strictly a Glen Burtnik solo album, but for memorabilia it is mentioned as such.
"Slaves Of New Brunswick" was released in 1991 in limited quantities, only marketed in the New York / New Jersey area.

GLEN BURTNIK - Slaves Of New Brunswick (1991) cd photo

The project / record was named as a homage to New Brunswick, New Jersey's music scene which has been the home to many notable rock bands. New Brunswick is a center for underground music, a scene that thrives on semi-legal live shows in residential basements.
These shows are host to not only local bands, but indie / major bands side-projects from across the country and the world. Numerous self-managed (DIY) bands from New Brunswick have gone on to receive broader acclaim.

Requested by a reader, I was in doubt to post this album here because it isn't exactly musically related to the motto of this blog (AOR / Hard Rock); what we have here is seventies styled Rock 'n Roll with the typical New Jersey area sound, yet really melodious with a strong American Classic Rock vibe and not far from the Dixie Dregs' manner.
Anyway, it's a cool rockin' collection of very good tunes, quite enjoyable and melodic.
Straight from my archives (not my rip), "Slaves Of New Brunswick" is the hardest to find Glen Burtnik album, out of print and fetching $199.99 at Amazon.
Includes detailed info inside.

01 - Exit Number 9
02 - The Girls I Grew Up With
03 - Rock N' Roll Queen
04 - Riding The Avenue
05 - Kinky
06 - Shout Out At The Indian Queen
07 - Seven Minutes In Heaven
08 - Losing Your Hair
09 - Easton Avenue Fever Dream
10 - When Kathy Spoke
11 - Slaves Of New Brunswick

Glen Burtnik: vocals, guitar
Lenny Kaye, Bernie Brausewetter, Steve Jones: guitar, vocals
Jack Shepherd, Gary Ambrosy, Jim Babjak, Ken Dubman, Terry Hughes, Sid Gottleib, Norm Roberts: guitar
Donna Dior, Matty Hahn: keyboards, vocals
Bill Lenk, Bobby Gordon, Ernie Scott: keyboards
Greg Kozak, Jed Downhill: fiddle
Gordon Wells: pedal steel guitar
Nancy Wertheim: harmonica
Tony Shanahan, Dave LaRue, Bill Cherensky: bass
Bob "Rock" Bianco, David Prater, Mark Sacco: drums
David DeLuca: percussion
Judy Wilson, Steven Conte, Patti Maloney,The Gripweeds, Bob Levy, Donna Rachel, Terri Paul: vocals
... and more

GLEN BURTNIK Slaves Of New Brunswick


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