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AGENT - Agent [original recording Rick Livingstone vocals] (1986)

AGENT - Agent [original recording Rick Livingstone vocals] (1986) restored audio
Requested  by a friend....

AGENT was one of the best Canadian AOR bands during the '80s and '90s.
Keyboardist Craig Zurba and bass player Andre Kunkel were songwriting partners and session musicians from the local scene having recorded for various mainstream artists. At the middle Eighties, both contacted talented vocalist Rick Livingstone, ex- September and Broken Hearts, and together with guitarist Bob Smart and drummer Dave Allan, Agent born.

Agent was signed by CBS / Virgin Records Canada and their self-titled debut album appeared in 1986 to good reviews, but sadly, their label's CEO quit during the week the album was released and no recording company leadership was evident during the 9 months following the release.
Agent broke-up the following year, but left us this wonderful piece of work. "Agent" is pure mid-Eighties AOR, curiously more American sounding than Canuck, akin Survivor, Shelter, Preview, Surrender, etc.
In short; classic '80s AOR with hooks, melodies and keyboards aplenty. Just check the monster "Surrender" below.

AGENT - Agent [original recording Rick Livingstone vocals] (1986) back cover

Ten years after, Agent returned with a new vocalist re-recording the album for an European label. Although resulted really good, AOR fans still prefer this original '86 release.
Never reissued on CD, this is not the best vinyl LP rip of the world, however, it's million times better than the copy floating the web.
Pure '80s AOR.

01 - Heartbeat
02 - Can't Hold Back
03 - This Could Be The Night
04 - She Trusted Me
05 - Turn On The Radio
06 - Can't Stop
07 - Change Of Heart
08 - Surrender
09 - Blame It On Love
10 - Headlines

Rick Livingstone - vocals
Bob Smart - guitars
Craig Zurba - keyboards, piano, synths
Andre Kunkel - bass
Dave Allan - drums, percussion

AGENT Rick Livingstone 1986


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T.P said...

This adorable album was one of my first points of contact with the AOR music scene in 2010 which was unforgettable!

Although by now I'm wondering if it was the mentioned European realease I got my hands on back then... Well, let's just check it by downloading that newest enviable entry of yours! :-)

Bye for now,

T.P said...

Now that I was listening to both copies (which includes my old one), I can tell there's a slight difference. As a matter of fact, Rick Livingstone's vocals sound subtly more dashing and catchy in my ears, so I give preference to this print.

Well, it's amazing to see that you, Camelblue, are able to even surprise me with record works I already believed to know all about, haha.

Bye for now,

Stanley said...

I prefere Troy Reid in vocals, more strong and personality in his voices.

Strippoli said...

Super. thanks Camel for this gem

Fernadoscruz said...

Awesome album!! I've found the second Agent's album: Evidence (1998).

Here is the links:


Part 2

Greetings from Brazil.

Fernadoscruz said...

Hi guys! I've found an alternative link for Agent's second album: Evidence (1998).:

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Please upload the link, thanks for sharing

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