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CHET THOMPSON (Hellion) - Slamnation (1992) + bonus

CHET THOMPSON (Hellion) - Slamnation (1992) + bonus
It's time for some rock n' roll here...

A guitar student of Randy Rhoads in his teens, CHET THOMPSON is one of the most underrated (and unknown) American axe-man. He shined as main guitarist in Hellion's prime time, and recorded various solo albums.
"Slamnation" was the first under his own moniker, but in fact this is a 'real band' comprising the talents of Dave 'Animal' Spitz (Great White, Paul Sabu) on bass, Stet Howland (W.A.S.P.) and the amazing Neil Thomas at the mic.

Recorded in 1992 but released in 1996 only in Japan, "Slamnation" shows Chet Thompson's mastery on the six-strings via sharp melting riffs and stupendous solos, but this is not a 'flashy guitar man' album.
This sounds like a true, tight Classic American Hard Rock band delivering eight monster stomping rockers. Neil Thomas owns a raspy & powerful set of pipes especially designed for this type of music, and the rhythm section is a blast.

"Sweet Lil' Sister", "Don't Wanna Dance", "Rock-A-Bye Love" or "Heaven's Burnin´" will rock your socks off in the best Skid Row meets Ratt meets W.A.S.P. Californian tradition of the genre. There's no place for ballads here, this is pure hot US Hard Rock.

CHET THOMPSON (Hellion) - Slamnation (1992) + bonus back cover

I have added four tracks as bonus from Chet's second effort for you to check his incredible skills on the electric guitar, from the same school of Randy Rhoads, George Lynch, Eddie Van Halen, etc.
Top notch Classic American Hard Rock.

01 - Sweet Lil' Sister
02 - One Shot
03 - Red Hot Lover
04 - Don't Wanna Dance
05 - Time Bomb
06 - Heaven's Burnin'
07 - Fever
08 - Rock-A-Bye Love
09 - Ashes
10 - Happy Feet
11 - Tocatta
12 - Superstitious Sex Queen

Neil Thomas - vocals
Chet Thompson - guitars
Dave Spitz - bass
Stet Howland - drums



T.P said...

Your articulateness deserves a praise like always, while the given YouTube trial Sweet Lil' Sister sounds interesting enough to concern oneself with the named musicians' impressive vitas.
Because of that - Thank You! -, Camelblue, for introducing another great bunch of rock stars in the finest sense of these I didn't know anything before. As you see, I'm still learning! :-)

Eventually, Chet Thompson and his talented fellows (Neil Thomas shines, indeed) shall become artists I associate with a certain musical attitude (for the time being) which only can be found inside of the AOR Hall of Fame's deeper - and not less spirited - located dungeons where "rougher & tougher" is written on its walls...

Bye for now,

P.S. Again, Camelblue, a toast to you with an - as you wish - OJ on the rocks! Cheers, mate!

rockkrockk said...

@ camelblue

i had this bass lessons cd by Dave Spitz of "Hotlicks" series, bought from New Delhi, here in India back in 1998, if i'm not mistake he even played with the band Whitelion as he mentioned in that cd/// time gone by...only a memory & still things cherish///

thank u!!

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