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GREG GUIDRY - Private Session (2000)

GREG GUIDRY - Private Session (2000) obi
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St. Louis born GREG GUIDRY signed a deal with CBS Records at the end of the seventies as songwriter artist, providing songs for many acts such as Climax Blues Band, Robbie Dupree, Exile, Reba McEntire, etc.
Greg also did backing vocals as session musician until Columbia offered him the opportunity to record his first own LP entitled Over The Line, featuring David Hungate (Toto), Dan Huff, Bobby LaKind, David Sanborn and other great L.A. recording studio cats.

Despite the good sales and a respectable #17 Billboard single, there was not second album. But Guidry continued recording material which remained unreleased for almost twenty years, when in 2000 finally saw the light of day.
"Private Session" is a professionally recorded, mixed and produced bunch of wonderful tunes with all the AOR / Westcoast magic from the '80s.
Some cuts are stylized, smooth L.A. sounding songs akin Chicago, Robbie Dupree, John O'Banion, while the more radio friendly AOR compositions, Brock Walsh, Tommy Funderburk, Tom Keane, etc.

GREG GUIDRY - Private Session (2000) back cover

Released by Japanese label Cool Sound but now out of print, Greg Guidry's "Private Session" is a delicious slice of pure '80s spell.

01 - You're Good For Me
02 - I Got This Thing
03 - I Believe
04 - Heart To Heart
05 - Don't Let Go
06 - It Happens Everytime
07 - I Get High
08 - It's Only Love
09 - Say When
10 - First Time
11 - Think About It
12 - Suspicious Heart

Greg Guidry: vocals, keyboards
Dann Huff, Jon Goin, Tom Hemby: guitars
Keith Thomas, Phil Naish: keyboards
Mike Brignardello, Keith Thomas, Gary Lunn: bass
Mark Hammond: drums
Mark Hammond, Keith Thomas: programming
Sam Levine, Mark Douthit: sax
Cathy Guidry, Sandra Guidry, Denny Henson, Joe Hogue: background vocals

GREG GUIDRY Private Session


T.P said...

Sometimes I'm wondering if the good 1980s' material you provide at your blog will ever run out. Seems to be like an endless ocean that won't dry out so soon.

Anyhow, with records like Greg Guidry's Private Session, there is another proof why riding on the AOR tidal wave is so full of pleasure and musical excitement.

Thank you, Camelblue.

Bye for now,

Camelblue said...

Thank YOU for your continuous comments.

La Autoridad Del Rock said...

Hey!Gracias por este disco! Greg era (y sigue siendo) un gran músico. No sabía de este album. Solo de primero y otro que debe ser este pero no podía encontrarlo. ¿Habrá alguna vez un compilado de sus colaboraciones by Camelblue? jaja! Gracias!

Unknown said...

excellent my friend!!!! Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Heart to heart is excellent indeed.Thanks Camel :)

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