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EXPORT - Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye remastered (1986)

EXPORT - Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye remastered
Revamped post (as requested)

EXPORT was an obscure UK band that get signed by a major american label and released a self-titled in 1984.
For their second effort, both the label and the group decided to give the music and production an americanized sound.
"Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye" was recorded in Philadelphia during the end of 1985, with 'big name' producers/engineers Lance Quinn (Bon Jovi, Lita Ford) & Neil Dorfsman (John Farnham, Kiss) behind the desk, and top songwriting contribution by Bob Halligan Jr.

The result was a terrific collection of commercial (yet riff-driven) melodic / rockin' AOR songs, plenty of great choruses and catchy hooks, sounding american but retaining the typically british stamp.
The mastermind / guitarist of this band was no other than the talented Steve Morris, who later will enjoy success a part of HEARTLAND, SHADOWMAN, NEWMAN, GRAND ILLUSION, etc.

In the same ligue as their contemporaries STRANGEWAYS or RIO, Export never got the luck they truly deserved, being dropped by the label soon after this recording.
This vinyl is very hard to find and become a collector's item, but time makes its justice, and was recently released on a remastered cd for the first time.
That's why I am revamping this old post, don't miss this one.
Highly Recommended

1. Living In The Fear of The Private Eye
2. No Escape
3. Runnin' Back (For More)
4. Airwaves
5. You Make Me Wanna
6. Closer To You
7. Tear Me Apart
8. Summer Nights
9. Can't Say No

Harry Shaw : Lead Vocals
Steve Morris : Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bkng Vocals
Chris Alderman : Bass, Bkng Vocals
Lou Rosenthal : Drums, , Bkng Vocals
George Wallace : Keyboards

EXPORT Living...


Lucas Corso said...

Lucas Corso said...
November 23, 2007 4:58 PM
Joder Camel, no los conocia, pero acabo de escuchar el primer tema, voy por el segundo, y ya me da igual que el resto del disco sean cantico gregorianos, que pedazos de temas, que sonido aor 80's, madre mia. De donde sacas estas joyas?? no pares, sigue, sigue, no pares...

Miguel said...

Miguel said...
December 04, 2007 10:42 AM
What a great album this is. I wonder why its not in cd. Thanky you so much.

melodicrocker said...

melodicrocker said...
December 16, 2007 12:47 PM
this is awesome! ive never heard about this group, but its a classic. I like uptempo aor, so this is a dream for me. thank you thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
April 13, 2008 9:53 PM
My Dad is Lou Rosenthal! Currently playing for the Merseybeats, and a damn fine drummer. When I heard some of exports stuff I was quite impressed. Saw them play the Cavern a few years ago.

Walter Nudo said...

Camel this 2018 repost is the Rock Candy version rip correct? I ask since it is not mentioned in the article...

Walter Nudo said...

A bit rare back then (but not anymore these days with Discogs, Ebay etc) since originally only released on LP in US and Canada. There's a coupla co-writes with the legendary singer Max "Eggsand" Bacon as well!