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HOLY WATER - The Collected Sessions

HOLY WATER - The Collected Sessions
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HOLY WATER was one of these studio projects highly praised by music industry insiders but fans never had the chance to enjoy their music because the band remained unsigned.
Several bootleg versions of the songs created by the project circulated for years, until some time ago all were compiled by a label and released as "The Collected Sessions".

Holy Water included members or sidemen of Doro Pesch (Warlock), Quite Riot, Widowmaker, Saraya, etc, and recorded original material during the '80s. One of the tapes came into the hands of Al Greenwood (Spys, Foreigner) who impressed by the quality, contacted the guys and invited them to work together.
"The Collected Sessions" features material ranging from various sessions, but the ice of the cake are those Greenwood-produced cuts known as 'The Green Machine Sessions' done around 1990-91.

HOLY WATER - The Collected Sessions back cover

You can't go wrong with the pure AOR / Melodic Rock huge hooklines and fantastic harmony vocals of tunes such as "If I Knew Then…", the more rocking "Some Things Have To Happen" and "Once Is Not Enough", but specially the outstanding AOR heaven of "I'm Not Worried Anymore".
The other songs are ok, but the aforementioned tracks are pure gold and all are must haves in your collection.
Brilliant stuff.

01 - I'm Not Worried Anymore
02 - If I Knew Then...
03 - Some Things Have to Happen
04 - Once Is Not Enough
05 - If I Knew Then... ('80s version)
06 - MonsteR Iff
07 - Crocodile Rock
08 - Living for the City
09 - All I Need

David Knight - vocals
Thomas Jude - guitar
Freddy Villano - bass
Tony Galtieri - drums
Al Greenwood - keyboards, production (1 - 4)
Kenny Hamberg - keyboards (5)
Jay Davidson - keyboards (8, 9)
Chuck Bonfante - drums (1 - 3)
Rich Ferrara - drums (4)
Charlie Ambrosia - drums (5, 6)
Tyrone Cannon - drums (7)
Bobby Marks - drums (8, 9)
Matthew Bradley - guitar, bass (7)
Michael Harmon - guitar and tambourine (8, 9)
Patrick Klein - rhythm guitar (8, 9)

HOLY WATER - The Collected Sessions


T.P said...

Thank you for the two powerful impressions on The Collected Sessions which make you want to know more about these prestigious bands' members or sidemen and their coming together that resulted in rare works in the form of the posted album at hand. Very good!

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Anonymous said...

I can see why this one has been requested... they returned as AMERICAN MAFIA !!!