Monday, September 29, 2014

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Missing Shots [unreleased]

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Missing Shots [unreleased]
An ancient original bootleg compilation by me, 'refloated' per request:

Any Melodic Rock fan should know RICK SPRINGFIELD's career.
His '80s albums "TAO" (featured on this blog) or "Rock Of Life" remains amongst the best stylized hi-tech / Melodic Rock&Pop / AOR stuff of that time.
Grammy award winner and top-40 hitmaker still relevant today, Springfield is a prolific songwriter, and
many of his recordings are still shelved, some in demo mode, some virtually finished.

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Missing Shots [unreleased] back cover

I've compiled some time ago a bunch of these 'missing shots' (demos, unreleased tracks, alternate takes, plus a rare b-side) all songs with a very good sound.
Myself made artwork included.

01 - Monkey
(Sahara Snow unreleased)

02 - The Language Of Love
(Rock Of Life single B-side)

03 - Faithful
(unreleased version)

04 - Desperate Lives
(TV movie soundtrack / vinyl fan club only)

05 - Stand Up For Love
(demo - unreleased track)

06 - Veronica's Head
(demo version)

07 - In Her White Room
(demo version)

08 - My Depression
(demo version)

09 - This I Promise You For Life
(rare duet with Maggie Brandon)

10 - Superstition (Stevie Wonder/Jeff Beck cover)
(Live bootleg recording)



T.P said...

Thank you for providing us with two handful of this genius' not so well-known (versions of) songs. By breaking them out from some kind of vault to make them see the light of day where they belong to, you did a wonderful job over there!

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this gem.

Bohond said...

Hi Camel
Did you know there's a limited, hand-numberd version of the "Alive" live CD.
Not only does the CD have one different track... It also has a bonus CD with the 1979 writers demos of the entire "Working Class Dog" album. PLUS 3 UNRELEASED tracks from 1983(!): Smile For The Camera, The Human Sea and Lio. Impossible to find. Back in the day only sold through his website, very expensive!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this!!



Narmada said...


Thanks for this gem post, but so sorry I found this a little too late. I think the link was gone already. Any chance to re-up this please ? I'm a big fan of Rick Springfield. So much appreciate if you can fulfil my wish.

Thanks before hand

Retro Angel said...

Hi Camel,

Would a re-up be possible?

Thanks in advance. :)

Camelblue said...


Anonymous said...

Track #5 is bad. It has missing Frame Headers at: 1:11.13, 1:13.63, 2:28.89 and 2:30.20. All other tracks are fine.

Geoffrey Man said...

Hi Camelblue,

Thank you very much for all your hard work. I have discovered a lot of new artists.

Maybe it's me, but can I ask you a question about the zip-file of Rick Springfield's Missing shots? It needs a password. I have read the recent and older post. And its comments. Am I missing something?


Geoffrey Man said...

Hi Camelblue,

I've guessed the password.
It was THAT simple ;)


Camelblue said...

@ Geoffrey: