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BENTWOOD ROCKER - The Missing Tapes (1983-86)

BENTWOOD ROCKER - The Missing Tapes (1983-86)
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Let's continue with the BENTWOOD ROCKER saga started on the previous post; after their pretty successful LP Take Me To Heaven, the Canadian band ran out of recording contract when Quality Records ceased its operations.
However, Bentwood Rocker keep on recording demos and performing on the local concert circuit throughout the '80s.

One of these demos attracted small indie label Aquarius Records who agreed to release in 1984 the single "Second Wind", produced by super talented Ian Thomas.
In 1986 Bentwood Rocker renamed themselves 'The Sands Of Time' (the original name of the band in the Seventies) and released another single, "The Danger Of Remembering", on B & C records.
There's a lot more recordings by the band along the decade, all later released by themselves as 'The Works' in 2000 (to be featured here soon).

This "BENTWOOD ROCKER - The Missing Tapes (83-86)" is a compilation (including artwork) made by myself years ago and featured here on the blog. All the songs are present in 'The Works', but the files here come from my personal demo vault collection and were 'remastered' by me.
Most the tracks, despite its demo status, were professionally recorded, as are the aforementioned singles also included in "The Missing Tapes (83-86)".
All tracks are pure mid-80s commercial AOR plenty of catchy choruses and lots of synths.

"Can't Let Go" blends Foreigner with Survivor, the anthemic "Walk Through The Fire" is on par with any Surrender hit, "Missing You Tonight" reminds you of REO Speedwagon, and "I Would Give Everything", Franke & The Knockouts.
"The Danger Of Remembering" is an elegant, polished mid-tempo AOR tune, "Skeletons In The Closet" adds a little of radio friendly pop (and generous keyboards), while "Second Wind" is one of these kind of 'action movie soundtrack' AOR songs, and another personal favorite.

BENTWOOD ROCKER - The Missing Tapes (1983-86) back cover

Funny thing; after featuring "BENTWOOD ROCKER - The Missing Tapes (83-86)" here on the blog in 2008, someone downloaded the files, pressed the songs on CD and sold various copies on eBay.
I strongly recommend to all rockin' AOR fans to grab this one as all - I mean ALL - tracks are superb.
A must have.

01 - Can't Let Go
02 - Walk Through The Fire
03 - Missing You Tonight
04 - I Would Give Everything
05 - Gonna Last Forever
06 - The Danger Of Remembering
07 - Skeletons In The Closet
08 - Love's In The Air
09 - Second Wind
10 - While The Children Sleep

Eric Baragar - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Steve Smith - drums, vocals
Dan Thompson - guitar, vocals
Mike Goettler - bass, vocals
Barry Haggarty - guitar, vocals

BENTWOOD ROCKER - The Missing Tapes


Dixon House "of Bentwood" said...

SUPERRRR!!! thanks a lot super Camel! awesome

T.P said...

One thing I almost even more love than Bentwood Rocker's missing tapes is the artwork of the front and back cover Camelblue is responsible for. I guess, even the band itself would have had a hard time to beat a record sleeve design like that as it feels so characteristic for the remarkable music you will find in here.

Once again a classic entry which set my AORish heart on fire years ago!

Bye for now,