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JACK WAGNER - All I Need [Japanese Edition '99] (1984)

JACK WAGNER - All I Need [Japanese Edition '99] (1984)
Requested on previous posts comments:

JACK WAGNER recorded four albums during the '80s / '90s period and three were already posted on the blog, why not complete the circle? And with his more AOR album of all, Wagner's debut "All I Need".
Jack Wagner was always underestimated as musician because of his General Hospital TV Show role as actor. But truth is Wagner has played the guitar and sung since his teens and used the show to launch a musical career, his true passion.

And need to be said, he is a terrific vocalist with a smooth vocal color specially designed for this kind of elegant AOR.
Signed by a major label, Jack Wagner recorded his first album "All I Need" with the help of heavy weights in this matter provided by the record company: songwriting contributions by David Foster, Jay Graydon, Tom Keane, Clif Magness, Glen Ballard (these last too also producing and playing) and superb session musicians such as guitar ace Michael Thompson and exquisite drummer Pat Mastelotto.
With this team you can't fail, and indeed "All I Need" was a total success.

Every track on "All I Need" is a potential single, from the synth-driven "Premonition" opener to the last cut "Lady of My Heart", a piano ballad ready for any movie soundtrack.
More pure '80s AOR is displayed on the uptempo and fun "What You Don't Know" (great Michael Thompson solo), the killer "Fighting The Nights" and "Sneak Attack", the soaring "Make Me Believe It", or the smash hit title track "All I Need", a classic.

JACK WAGNER - All I Need [Japanese Edition '99] (1984) back cover

The request was about the remaster of "All I Need" appeared seven years ago, but I am more than happy with this Japanese 1999 reissue (AOR 名盤 Selection complete with full artwork) which sounds million bucks.
A must for any '80s AOR fan.

01 - Premonition
02 - What You Don't Know
03 - Whenever Hearts Collide
04 - Fighting The Nights
05 - All I Need
06 - Make Me Believe It
07 - Sneak Attack
08 - After The Fact
09 - Tell Him (That You Won't Go)
10 - Lady Of My Heart

Jack Wagner - vocals
Michael Thompson - guitars
Clif Magness - guitar, backing vocals
Bill Elliott, Pat Mastelotto - drums, percussion
Davey Faragher - bass
Tom Keane - synths, backing vocals
Sam Bryant, Bill Elliott, John Van Tongeren, Mark Vieha - synths, keyboards
Jerry Peterson - sax
Rosemary Butler, Siedah Garrett, Edie Lehmann, Debbie Pearl - backing vocals

JACK WAGNER All I Need [Japanese Edition]


T.P said...

Admittedly, I never took the chance to watch Jack Wagner in his calling as an actor, but if he's acting just about the same way he is gifted in music, well, then he should be definitely starring in some fine cinema blockbusters! Haha, I'm talking like we would still be living in the 1980s... :-)

Regarding your herein featured All I Need, I don't know exactly if it concerns the version you can already find within my collection; so because of that I'm gonna take the 'bulletproof' option by downloading your offered Japanese Edition anyhow and which I won't go wrong with.

Thanks, Camelblue, for another personal essential one!

Bye for now,


I have an original copy of the remastered version from 2007.
I can upload it if is still needed.

T.P said...

Thanks for the kind offer, CLOUD FORCE, but as for me, I feel totally fine with the Japanese Edition. And indeed, it was just an 192 kbit/s rip of the common version which made its way onto my harddrive years ago; well, that was until Camelblue came by recently to spread this, his gift from Japan. Doumo arigatou!

Bye for now,

Camelblue said...

Yes please, upload and post the link here to compare.



I read it now.

I'll post it tomorrow!

Rock on!




rip of my personal copy of JACK WAGNER/ALL I NEED 2007 remastered edition

Camelblue said...

Thanks my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hello was wondering if it was possible to get a reup for this wonderful album...Thank you