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BODY ELECTRIC - Body Electric + Two Worlds EP [remastered reissue] (1984)

BODY ELECTRIC - Body Electric + Two Worlds EP [remastered reissue] (1984) front
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Founded by two talented cats from the Canadian musical scene, BODY ELECTRIC was a great band pretty unknown by AOR fans.
Keyboardist Bob Buckley (born in UK) and David Sinclair (guitar, vocals) were part of Straight Lines, a really nice AOR act which released two LP on a major label in the early '80s. The band split soon but both decided to stay together for a new project.

They called Frank Ludwig (ex-Trooper, Union) as lead vocalist, and Body Electric born. With Sinclair handling guitars & bass, and guests such as ex- Straight Lines bandmate Daryl Burgess, Doug Edwards (Skylark) and talented Marc LaFrance, the band recorded their self-titled debut released through Attic Records in 1984.

"Body Electric" is an album of pure keyboard-laden songs in a light AOR / synth-rock&pop style with a melodic sound and the typically pristine Canadian production. The LP was pretty successful with "Don't Take Me For A Fool" (my favorite), "Somewhere in Time" and "Stop The Music" released as singles.
Although in my opinion the band's finest hour arrived with their second full length album '87s Walking Through Walls (more hi-tech), "Body Electric" includes some stupendous tracks with excellent arrangements, as the awesome opener "The More Things Change".

"Body Electric" never was released on CD until 2007 when Canadian label Unidisc remastered the album from the master tapes.
But the real find here is the inclusion of the band's rare vinyl EP "Two Worlds", appeared in 1985.
For the EP, Sinclair switched to full lead vocals, and with the production of Bill Henderson (Chilliwack) and engineered by mega-man Bob Rock (Bon Jovi, Motley Crue), this is a pure mid-Eighties unknown AOR gem.
Just check the super-chorus of "All Through the Night", the elegant "Two Worlds", the mysterious "Crime of Passion" (love that atmosphere!) or the velvety ballad "Don't Look Back".

BODY ELECTRIC - Body Electric + Two Worlds EP [remastered reissue] (1984) back

This "Body Electric" reissue is pure gold. The Unidisc Records remaster is excellent, and as plus there's the great "Two Worlds" EP.
A collectors piece (now out of print) and a great addition to your AOR cluster.

01 - The more things change
02 - Stop the music
03 - Judy's in her room
04 - Living two lives
05 - Midnight madness
06 - Somewhere in time
07 - Don't take me for a fool
08 - It's gonna hurt
09 - One step back
10 - You can't take it with you
11 - Do you think they can tell (Bonus)
12 - All through the night (Bonus)
13 - Two worlds (Bonus)
14 - Crime of passion (Bonus)
15 - Don't Look Back (Bonus)

tracks 11-15 from the 1985 EP Two Worlds

David Sinclair - guitar, bass, lead vocals 11-15
Bob Buckley - keyboards
Frank Ludwig - lead vocals, keyboards
Brian Newcombe - bass 11-15
Ross Friesen - drums
Daryl Burgess (Straight Lines) - percussion
Doug Edwards (Skylark) - guest guitar
Ken Chalmers - guest guitar
Marc LaFrance - guest vocals

BODY ELECTRIC - Body Electric + Two Worlds EP [remastered reissue]


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