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GUYS IN DISGUISE - Guys In Disguise (1994)

GUYS IN DISGUISE - Guys In Disguise (1994) front
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Now we have here a rarity, as far I know only released in Norway back in 1994 and deleted since. GUYS IN DISGUISE was the project of keyboardist Dag Kolsrud, previously known in Scandinavia as part of pop-rockers One 2 Many which had some singles ranking all over European charts.
Kolsrud teamed up with singer Carsten Loly, guitarist Stein Bull-Hansen and a bunch of Norwegian session musicians to record "Guys In Disguise" self-titled - and only - album.

The overall sound of "Guys In Disguise" reminds me David Foster projects and at places Mr. Mister, a Westcoast with a poppy feel and some Hi-Tech elements. On some tunes, they have an unmistakable European flavor, akin Lava / Rolf Graf.
Perhaps some of you have heard Guys In Disguise's "One Goal" (track 6), an anthem composed for the 1994 Winter Olympics celebrated in Norway. The song also was used by Ferrari on the institutional video to celebrate their Formula 1 World Championship in 2000 (in the hands of Michael Schumacher).

GUYS IN DISGUISE - Guys In Disguise (1994) back

Although "Guys In Disguise" does not much for me, it's a nice record with some cool melodies. Production & Mix is handled by Dag Kolsrud, absolutely pristine and clear.
An extremely rare CD, much sought after by collectors of all genres.

01 - Going Nowhere
02 - Roxy
03 - No Worries
04 - I Need You Now
05 - Long Rainy Summer
06 - One Goal
07 - Feeling Like A Fool
08 - Feel Free
09 - Dixie
10 - Fire On Ice

Carsten Loly: vocals
Stein Bull-Hansen: guitars
Dag Kolsrud: keyboards, programming
Kim Ojstod, Per Hillestand: drums
Kjell Solom, Bjorn Kjellemyr: bass

Guys In Disguise (1994)


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