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ZOID: LP 1987 + EP 1988 + Demos

ZOID: LP 1987 + EP 1988 + Demos - front
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On par to the Californian counterpart, during the '80s there was an effervescent Rock scene in the US East Coast as well. Melodic rockers ZOID come from there, more exactly Syracuse, NY, also the home of well known acts for this blog such as Todd Hobin & The Heat or Benny Mardones, among others.
Founded by brothers Lou (keyboards) and Mike (drums) Secreti, seems Zoid were quite popular in the area in the mid-Eighties. They managed to release this self-titled, 8-track LP in 1987, which over the years has become a collectors piece ($170 on eBay).

"Zoid" delivers the typical Melodic Hard Rock sound of the era, yet more '84 / 85 oriented with a profuse keyboard / synth presence turning things much more AOR. Think early Bon Jovi or other indie band featured on the blog some time ago; Addiction. There's also comparisons to other Syracuse based band; Alecstar. Not strange, as guitarist Harry Mantor was part of them before.
Despite of being an indie recording, we have a solid production on display, and a proper mix.

ZOID: LP 1987 + EP 1988 + Demos inside

All songs are really good, starting with the rocker "I Can't Wait" driven by sharp guitars and featuring the interesting pipes of frontman Jimm Richer, a singer rich at the mid-range. "From Here To L.A" is more catchy and melodious, followed by the mid-tempo AOR of "Try Again". Suffice to say; all the material here is peppered with keyboard fills all over.
"I'm Not Foolin´" is perhaps the most commercial tune (and a favorite) sporting a great chorus with a single potential, the lovely "Cards In Your Hands" lends to melodic radio-rock, while another favorite of mine, "Makes Me Wonder" is pure '80s AOR with a breezy melody adorned by saxophone.
"It Just Ain't Right" is another solid melodic rocker, slow but with strong guitars, and the LP ends with the catchy, typically 1985 (Canadian sounding to my ears) "Woman Of Stone".

The following year, Zoid recorded a promo mini-LP to seduce recording companies, including two songs from the debut plus new cut "Stealin`", featured in two different versions. This mini-LP is impossible to find original.
A nice vinyl-rip (cleaned by me) is added as bonus, as well 2 demo tracks from the second Zoid album never released (there's plans by some members to put both albums on CD someday).

ZOID: LP 1987 + EP 1988 + Demos - back

"Zoid" LP + EP + the bonuses are not only a much sought after pieces by collectors, but also really good, well composed & recorded Melodic Hard Rock / AOR tunes for all fans of the genre to enjoy.
A collectors item. RARE.

"Zoid" LP 1987:
1. I Can't Wait
2. From Here To L.A.
3. Try Again
4. I'm Not Foolin'
5. The Cards Are In Your hands
6. Makes Me Wonder
7. It Just Ain't Right
8. Woman Of Stone
"Zoid" Promo EP 1988:
1. Stealin' (Short version)
2. From Here To L.A.
3. Stealin' (Long version)
4. Makes Me Wonder
Demos (unreleased):
1. Hear Me
2. Trouble In Paradise

Jimm Richer: Vocals
Lou Secreti: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Harry Mantor: Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Todd Troubetaris: Bass
Mike Secreti: Acoustic & Electronic Drums
Jon Celi: Guitars, Vocals
Tony Stone: Drums
Andy Camano: Bass

ZOID: LP 1987 + EP 1988 + Demos


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Zoid: really great pomp-aor music !!
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