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CALL ME - Call Me (1981)

CALL ME - Call Me (1981) Germany LP front
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I first discovered German band CALL ME in the legendary compilation series Munich City Nights, then got a LP-rip of their self-titled debut album in a trade, and finally found that the record actually was released on CD on the RCA/BMG label during the Nineties, but in very limited quantities.
Whichever the case, "Call Me" is an obscure, unknown AOR / Melodic Rock rarity deserving to be listened by all fans of the genre.
That's why we are here, isn't it?

Despite its German origins, I would say Call Me's melodic tunes sound more Canadian than anything, with synth harpoon attacks between the sharp melodic riffs and catchy choruses.
Just check the triad of tracks at the beginning of the album: the soaring "Running Out Of Love", the indeed shaking "Shiver In The Night" akin Survivor, or the keyboard driven "22 Degrees Below", all are pure early '80s AOR gemstones.

"Loneliness And The Modern Man" is perhaps the more 'American' song on the album with a mysterious atmosphere (thanks to the synth background), and "Living On The Edge" returns to pure AOR again with a Canadian feeling via nice choruses, bringing to mind Refugee.

CALL ME - Call Me (1981) Germany LP back

"Suburbia" is darker yet rocking, "Nervous Energy" adds a radio-rock poppy touch to the proceedings, while "Working Wonders" adds a light proggy touch in the vein of Harlequin.
If you need a ballad, "Screaming Silence" provides a slow moment by not in typical syrupy balladry. It's a sound with British feeling to me, but somehow I found it similar to some material Tony Carey would release as solo artist years after.

All are very well crafted songs, the musicianship is strong (I love that 'classic drums' sound) and while Daniel Kovac's vocal color is not the most charismatic you can find out there, he perfectly fits the music and provides a distinctive sound to Call Me.
In fact, I have included one track in my AOR Treasures series, the one entitled 'The Seminal Years', because Call Me sound is the type which defined the genre in the beginning of the Eighties.

CALL ME - Call Me (1981) Germany bootleg CD

As said, "Call Me" appeared on CD but I never seen a copy at auction sites. This is taken from the unofficial CD released by bootleg label Time Warp, and as usual with these guys, the sound obtained from the vinyl LP is bloody good.
A little gem. Rare.

01 - Running Out Of Love
02 - Shiver In The Night
03 - 22 Degrees Below
04 - Getting By
05 - Suburbia
06 - Nervous Energy
07 - Loneliness And The Modern Man
08 - Living On The Edge
09 - Working Wonders
10 - Screaming Silence

Daniel Kovac - vocals
Frank Ziener - guitars, backing vocals
Attila Teri - keyboards, piano
Manfred Dietze - bass
Florian Ruppert - drums

CALL ME - Call Me (1981) HERE


JJK said...

Daniel Kovac I think must be the guy who was a radio host at bavarian Radio Station Bayern 3. The name is at least the same.

JJK said... Here you can buy a copy if interested.

Paulo Silva said...

Great record! Hope you make the vol.5 of the AOR Treasures series, also... ;)

Kevinho said...

yes JJK is correct, at that amazon de link you find at low price copies of the RCA/BMG edition, which I think sound better than the (Mc Caslin produced?) Time Warp rip. I just bought the cheapest copy € 15 shipped home, good deal

gabriel said...

Reminds me the vocal style from the guy of Baghdad, another german AOR gem (circa 1989).