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GOTTHARD - Tu Pasion [CDMaxi] (2006)

GOTTHARD - Tu Pasion [CDMaxi] (2006) full
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"Tu Pasion" is another GOTTHARD maxi-single released in limited quantities which turned out of print soon.
As happened with the previous CDM featured here (El Traidor), "Tu Pasion" is the Spanish version of other Gotthard single, the catchy 'Lift 'U' Up', recorded with the intention to bring new Latin fans to Gotthard's base.

For most people it's a cool rarity and a collectors item, but Spaniard audiences will find an interesting lyric re-shaped for this version. Additionally, there's a 'classical version' of Gotthard's classic "One Life One Soul", featuring opera diva Monserrat Caballe in a duet (as Freddie Mercury did before) with the late Steve Lee.

GOTTHARD - Tu Pasion [CDMaxi] (2006) back

As far I know, Maxi-CD only released in Spain.
Out of print.

01 - Tu Pasion / Lift 'U' Up (Spanish Version)
02 - Lift 'U' Up (Radio Edit)
03 - One Life One Soul (feat. Monserrat Caballe)
04 - Nothing Left At All (Live)
05 - Anytime, Anywhere (Live)

Vocals – Steve Lee
Guitars – Freddy Scherer, Leo Leoni
Bass – Marc Lynn
Drums – Hena Habegger

GOTTHARD - Tu Pasion [CDMaxi]


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