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THE WILD BOYS - High Time (2004)

THE WILD BOYS - High Time (2004) front
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The first thing you got clear while listening "High Time" - the first album by THE WILD BOYS - is that this trio are unmistakable German.
Their brand of Melodic Rock bring to mind that classic Teutonic sound akin Bonfire. This happens mostly due to Hansjörg “Hanse” Fichter vocals - and especially his phrasing - very similar to Claus Lessmann, but also Jorg Sieber (Dominoe) and Robby Musenbichler (Jojo / Tokyo).

These aforementioned bands are as well a pretty good reference to THE WILD BOYS style, minus the keyboards and hi-tech twists; "High Time" is a guitar / bass / real drums based record.
After the short, fun intro "Wild Boys Rap", you can hear that easy melodies on "Asian Eyes" (very Bonfire), "Shadows", the dynamic & catchy "Let It Out" (Dominoe) and "Minds Eye Diary", a very nice melodic rocker included in the Vol.7 of 'Munich's Hardest Hits ... Melodic Rock Is Back" compilation.

THE WILD BOYS - High Time (2004) booklet

THE WILD BOYS also mix to their music some power rock&pop in "Cheap Tricks" with some The Outfield on it, and later on "Dreams".
The guys also feature here two outside songs (not strange as they started as a cover band); their own, melodic rock version of Backstreet Boys (!) megahit "Quit Playing Games", and The Sweet's classic "Wig Wam Bam".
Although Hanse's guitar playing is cool, his riffs are a bit unidimensional and begin to get tired at the middle of the album.

THE WILD BOYS - High Time (2004) back

Nevertheless, all works flawlessly, and what surprises you is the great production / mix, excellent for an indie release.
Pretty rare, out of print debut album from this unknown (and good) German Melodic Rock band.

01 - Wild Boys Rap
02 - Asian Eyes
03 - Cheap Tricks
04 - Shadows
05 - Quit Playing Games
06 - Let It Out
07 - Minds Eye Diary
08 - Wig Wam Bam
09 - Drunken Sailor
10 - Dreams
11 - High Time
12 - 40 (bonus track)

Hansjörg 'Hanse' Fichter: vocals, guitars, keyboards
Bernd 'Nando' Fichter: bass, backing vocals
Harry 'Jusy' Joos: drums, percussion

THE WILD BOYS - High Time (2004)