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CINEMA - Break The Silence (1986) [CD reissue + bonus]

CINEMA - Break The Silence (1986) [CD reissue + bonus]
Someone asked for material by vocalist Bruce Papa (aka "Dartanyan") previous to his band CINEMA. I think it's better first to present here Cinema's one and only album "Break The Silence", as truly deserves a place in your '80s Melodic Rock / AOR collection.
This NY based 5-piece was strongly influenced by the classic Pompy AOR sounds from the golden era, and despite of being released in 1986 (private vinyl LP), the sound in "Break The Silence" owes more to the early Eighties than anything.

The album is plenty of keyboard/synth driven wonderful tunes like 'So Lost In Love', the Journey-like 'Suburban Lines', title track (some Prophet on it), and the lovely 'Ruby', perhaps the more mid-80s sounding track on the album.
For years "Break The Silence" was impossible to find, a true AOR fan collector's piece. Then some time ago was put on CD for the first time plus 6 juicy previously unreleased tracks.
A worthy addition to your collection.

01 - So Lost In Love
02 - Ruby
03 - I'll Never Go
04 - Suburban Lines
05 - Lifeline
06 - Break The Silence
07 - I'll Be There
08 - On My Way
Previously unreleased bonus tracks;
09 - Take My Hand
10 - So Lost In Love (Demo)
11 - I Still Remember
12 - Wonderland
13 - Shine
14 - One More Song

Bruce "Dartanyan" Papa - Vocals
Louie Ferraro - Guitar, Vocals
John Anthony Ilvento - Keyboards, Synthesizers
Paul Catterson - Bass, Taurus pedals
Ronnie Mini - Percussion

CINEMA Break The Silence CD reissue + bonus]


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