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EDDE MAXX - Hot Paint (1993)

EDDE MAXX - Hot Paint (1993)
Many readers are asking why I don't post music articles more frequently. Simple; I don't have too much time in my hands. It takes a lot time to prepare; the rip, sometimes vinyl restoration, a conscientious re-listen, write a proper review, etc.
So as there's a high amount of requests in the Request & Fill Corner, Chat Box and Comments, I will try to post more 'on the fly': brief reviews, wider music genres, etc.
Tell me what you think about it...

This one was requested in one post comments: Canadian musician EDDE MAXX's album "Hot Paint" from 1993. Co-produced by keyboardist Jimmy Waldo (Alcatrazz, New England), this is a cool mix of uptempo melodic rockers like 'Paint The Town Blue', acoustic ballads ('Me And Silver'), and AOR moments ('Where Is The Love').

EDDE MAXX - Hot Paint (1993) back

This is the rare original Canadian release, the album was reissued one year after in Europe with different artwork.
Nice stuff.

01 - Dr. Good Luv
02 - Me and Silver
03 - Where is The Love
04 - Little Fantasy
05 - Hang On
06 - Listen to Your Heart
07 - Take Me With You Tonight
08 - Together We Stand
09 - Paint the Town Blue

Edde Maxx - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Bruce Noble - Guitar
Billy McCaully - B3 Organ
Danny Parker - Bass
Tom Roach - Drums
Bob Kulick - more Guitars
Christian Peloquin - Acoustic Guitars
Mark Beaulieu - Piano
Jean LeBlanc, Stacey Crawford & others: Backing Vocals

EDDE MAXX - Hot Paint 1993


T.P said...

Edde Maxx? That fantastic guy wasn't a household name for me until you, Camelblue, gave him the glory he truly deserves right here at your fine blog!

In that regard, Where Is The Love is THE killer song and one of a kind catchy tune which climbs the highest peaks within my personal AOR Hall Of Fame easily!

In relation to your idea, Camelblue, to reach a new approach by posting more on the fly, as you said, well, it is more than alright with me. Although you could go on with your "old" behaviour forever in terms of unique articles (since for me this great style never grows old), nonetheless I understand your wish of featuring even more requests at the main site than you already did in the past; and I agree that this would mean to pursue a different strategy as well, since, yes, time is precious.

Anyways, I'm in. So go ahead without stress! :-)

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

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Zinny Zan said...

Hi Camel, for me this "quicker" way is perfect too, this enables to have more entries. Well done!!!!! big hug mate
Zinny Zan