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LYNN ALLEN - Lynn Allen (1992)

LYNN ALLEN - Lynn Allen (1992)
Requested again, hard to find

LYNN ALLEN should be one of the most long lasting bands from the American melodic rock scene. Formed in the early '80s, despite the revolving door of group members but carried by singer / songwriter Billy Peiffer at front, the band continues active to this day.
Perhaps the key is that Lynn Allen always stayed independent, managing their gigs and releasing albums by their own. After some years of hiatus Lynn Allen returned in 2007 with a record edited by an European label, but retaining the entire artistic control.

Hailing from Davenport, Lynn Allen was recently inducted to the Iowa Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. In the mid-Eighties for a brief period the group lived in Los Angeles and opened for Ratt, Great White or Warrant, with a major record deal at front of the door. But never happened and the guys returned to their hometown.

Lynn Allen's third album (self-titled), also known as 'The Pink Album', always has been their more hard to find.
Released through the small private label Red Pump, the CD virtually sold out after its release (they are very popular in US Quad Cities region) and never reissued. A shame, as "Lynn Allen" (1992) is one of their best.

Cuts like 'Surprise, Surprise', 'Drive Me Crazy', 'Once In A Lifetime' (not the Firehouse song but sounding a lot like 'em) and 'Poisoning Of The Rain' are pure American Melodic Rock bliss.
They harden the sound a bit in 'Love Slips' or 'Electric Sister' yet all the time extremely melodic and catchy. 'Pick Up The Pieces' and the strong 'Jesse' are the slow moments, being the latter a tune that easily could have been a hit on par with Poison or Tesla power ballads.

LYNN ALLEN - Lynn Allen (1992) back

With solid songs, musicianship and a really good production for an indie, "Lynn Allen" is a lovely slice of American Melodic Rock in its true essence.

01 - Surprise, Surprise
02 - Drive Me Crazy
03 - Love Slips
04 - Jesse
05 - Electric Sister
06 - Poisoning Of The Rain
07 - Once In A Lifetime
08 - Daze Gone By
09 - Pick Up The Pieces

Billy Peiffer: vocals, guitars, keyboards
Terry Murphy: guitars
Johnny Williamson: bass, backing vocals
Tommie Guild: drums, backing vocals

LYNN ALLEN - Lynn Allen (1992)


T.P said...

Definitely a little gem that is worth to be featured at your main site. And so you did. Thank you!

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Hard to find indeed. Thanks!

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Bernardo Paul said...

Man ! How the hell do you come with stuff like this ? I've spent my whole life (38 and counting) listening to Melodic Rock, - AM Radio , MTV/VH1 and Internet since day one - and never heard about Lynn. Guess that's the great thing about your blog : it's like one of those Rock magazines back in the day, but specializing only in the good stuff !