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EAST COAST - East Coast (1988) [original Dutch CD]

EAST COAST - East Coast (1988) [original Dutch CD] front
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Riding the wave of successful Scandi-AOR in Europe during the second half of '80s, Dutch five-piece EAST COAST recorded this self-titled album in 1988.
The immediate reference should be fellow countrymen Zinatra, but East Coast were more influenced by Swedish bands of the era like Dalton (Out Of Control), add a touch of Germans Dominoe ('Tonight') and a bit of British AORsters Outside Edge ('He's Your Lover') and you get the picture.
The quite more vigorous 'Fight' and 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore' brings to mind the harder side of Norwegians Da Vinci, while the smooth 'Red Light Lady' and 'Save Our Planet' are fine ballads.

"East Coast" is a keyboard-driven AOR album with pumping bass lines, cool rhythm guitars and sweet lead vocals, with a typical Euro '80s sound pretty well produced.
Out of print for years, the album is fetching ridiculous prices at eBay these days, a true collector's piece.
"East Coast" was reissued in 2007 by a Spanish label - I assume unofficially, as the source is the vinyl LP. So avoid the purchase.

EAST COAST - East Coast (1988) [original Dutch CD] back

There's some mp3's file floating the web but all are taken from vinyl or the aforementioned bootleg.
This is a rip from the original Dutch CD release, rare as hell...

01 - Out Of Control
02 - Now The Time Is Right
03 - 67-68-69
04 - He's Your Lover
05 - Fight
06 - Save Our Planet
07 - It Doesn't Matter Anymore
08 - Angel Eyes
09 - Tonight
10 - Red Light Lady

H. Thussen - vocals
W. Dassen - guitar
M. Degroot - keyboards
J. Sonneveld - bass
H. Vermellen - drums

EAST COAST (1988) [original Dutch CD]


T.P said...

Exactly, it was your given terrific - and with a chorus to die for - T-O-N-I-G-H-T teaser song which aroused my deep interest for the full album impact. And if that was not enough, you even spoil the ears with - in this case hard to get - CD quality! One more strike for you, Camelblue! :-)

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