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SHARKS & WHALES - Reaped By Man (1988)

SHARKS & WHALES - Reaped By Man (1988) rare
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"Reaped By Man" is the only album from Norwegians SHARKS & WHALES, the first known recording by the later celebrated guitar shredder Mads Eriksen. But Sharks & Whales' style was Hi-Tech Lite AOR with the typical sound from European bands from the genre mixed with sweet Westcoast touches.

In many ways Sharks & Whales bring to mind country fellows Drama and I.C. Eyes, with some German touches from bands like Freiheit or Swedes Time Gallery / Fingerprints.
However, with two singers sharing the lead vocals and Eriksen providing great rhythm guitars, Sharks & Whales put a bit more uptempo kick into their melodic sound, as on the festive 'Sound Of Love', the moving 'Shine On Me', 'Republic Of The Night' (nice guitar solo) or the awesome 'Dreamer's Lane'.

SHARKS & WHALES - Reaped By Man (1988) back

Sharks & Whales' "Reaped By Man" was - and still is - one of the most sought after CD's from the '80s Norwegian scene, originally released in limited quantities and never reissued.
I have checked some recent bids at eBay and last month a copy was sold for U$D 260... go figure.
Mega Rare.

01 - Shine On Me
02 - Reaped By Man
03 - Just Goodbye
04 - Old Man Freedom
05 - Softly Call My Name
06 - Dreamer's Lane
07 - Republic Of The Night
08 - Modern Song
09 - You Are The One
10 - Sound Of Love

Vocals, Keyboards – Jon Bertil Myklebust, Ronny Skaar
Guitars – Mads Eriksen
Keyboards – Hans-Petter Isaksen
Bass – Ole Vaksdal
Drums, Percussion – Erik Bergesen
Ole Jakob Hystad, Pål Roseth, Arne Hjortland, Stein Roseth – Horns
Backing Vocals – Inger Johanne Haaland, Tone Kristin Ljøkelsøy
Production, add. Keyboards – Mick Parker

SHARKS & WHALES - Reaped By Man (1988)


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