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JONAH KOSLEN & THE HEROES - Aces (1983) / Orange (1982-2001)

JONAH KOSLEN & THE HEROES - Aces (1983) front
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"Aces", the only official LP by JONAH KOSLEN & THE HEROES is a delicious album plenty of ditty melodic tunes quite unknown by the Melodic Rock fans out there.
Koslen was part of the original Michael Stanley Band and later formed another interesting group named Breathless, releasing two strong albums which unfortunately went unnoticed. The band broke-up in 1981 and Koslen decided to create his own band, an take the total control song-wise / musically.

Koslen assembled a band - The Heroes - featuring very good musicians including future Michael Stanley Band guitarist Danny Powers, and keyboardist Dennis Lewin who later would create the cult AOR band Beau Coup.
Koslen & The Heroes taped a bunch of songs for a debut release. But in the early '80s ain't was easy to get a record contract in the overcrowded US scene, and the recorded songs were shelved.
All this material was released in 2001 by Koslen himself under the title 'Orange' (featured here as bonus).

JONAH KOSLEN & THE HEROES Orange (1982-2001) back

But the point of interest here is "Aces", the album recorded in 1983 by Jonah Koslen & The Heroes after a deal with the small indie label Ransom.
There was a slightly line-up change but what remained intact was Koslen's penchant for instant, short melodic songs with the poppy, light AOR / FM Radio oriented sound so typical from the first half of the '80s.

JONAH KOSLEN & THE HEROES - Aces (1983) back

There's nothing revolutionary here, just fun, melodic tunes ready for the Summer.
None of the two Jonah Koslen & The Heroes albums were released on CD, so this is a vinyl-rip with audio restored by me.

Aces (1983)
01 - Say I'm The One
02 - Wanted
03 - Try Baby Try
04 - Aces
05 - Sundown
06 - Lost Without Her Love
07 - Do It All Again
08 - Worthy Of Your Love
09 - No Way To Know

Jonah Koslen - vocals, guitars
Dennis Lewin - keyboards
Bill March - bass, backing vocals
Don Krueger - drums

Orange (recorded 1982 / released 2001)
01 - Hunting The Dragon
02 - Dreaming My Life Away
03 - Here Comes The Hurt
04 - Here In My Baby's Arms
05 - Radio Heart
06 - Love Made The Difference
07 - Love You For Who You Are
08 - Working The Night Shift
09 - Do It All Again
10 - Face The Morning
11 - Dr. Rock (bonus track)

Jonah Koslen - lead vocals, guitar
Danny Powers - lead guitar, vocals
Eddie Pecchio - bass, vocals
Dennis Lewin - keyboards, vocals
Don Krueger - drums, vocals
Jennifer Lee - additional vocals

JONAH KOSLEN & THE HEROES - Aces (1983) / Orange (1982-2001)


T.P said...

I'm happy to hear this rare double pack created and performed by Jonah Koslen and his Heroes, which is filled with tons of pleasant melodic sound material, was considered to be featured - and with audio restoration as an exclusive extra - here at your blog where my passion for AOR once began. Hard Die The Heroes? For sure! :-)

Bye for now,

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out!
The entire collection of Jonah Koslen & the Heroes tracks is available for download here...

Camelblue said...

Thanks to you for creating this wonderful melodic music!