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PUSH (Denmark) - On The Run [Japanese Edition +2] (2000)

PUSH (Denmark) - On The Run [Japanese Edition +2] (2000) front
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Formed during the mid-Nineties in Copenhagen, Denmark, and cooking an '80s melodic hard rock recipe when all were opting for alternative, dreary grunge sounds, that decade PUSH was one of best exponents from the genre.
Fronted by vocalist and songwriter Martie Peters the aim was to bring back the good 'ol days of feeling-good rock ‘n roll. And Push succeeded.

The band toured all over Europe, and after two solid albums Push recorded this "On The Run" at the end of '99, to me, their best album. Here the band mix their more hard rockin' approach from the previous albums with a strong dose of melody.
'Waitin' In Line' should be one of the best melodic hard rock tunes appeared in the '90s, there's a happy urgency on the title track, the punchy 'Too Late' is one of my favorites, and 'Believe In Love' with its soaring chorus is another winner.

Push sound & style always has been compared with White Lion, and it's true mostly due to Martie Peters' vocal tone very similar to Mike Tramp and their subtle Danish accents.
It's no secret that Tramp has been a big influence as well as a friend to Peters. In fact, Peters even contributed background vocals on the 'Remembering White Lion' album.

But "On The Run" has its own identity, and is plenty of highly enjoyable songs.
This Japanese Edition features not one but two bonus tracks; the extremely melodic 'Just A Man' and the more hard rocking, guitar driven 'Black Candles'.

PUSH (Denmark) - On The Run [Japanese Edition +2] (2000) back

This one was that kind of records that put a smile on everyone's melodic hard rock faces again in an era when people were claiming for fun rock 'n roll again. Push could've been huge if this album would have been released twelve years earlier.
It's catchy, melodic and really well produced. And Rocks.

01 - On The Run
02 - Waitin' In Line
03 - Too Late
04 - Broken Down
05 - One Reason
06 - Believe In Love
07 - Jokerman
08 - Changes
09 - Never Too Loud
10 - Better Late Than Never
11 - Miracles
12 - Just A Man (Japan Bonus Track)
13 - Black Candles (Japan Bonus Track)

Martie Peters: vocals, acoustic guitar
Kasper Sogreen: bass
Martin DaRic: guitars
Tommy Adler: drums, percussion
Martin Slott: additional guitars
Morten Plenge: additional drums
Stevi Tee: backing vocals
Anthony Lledo: strings, synthesizers

PUSH - On The Run [Japanese Edition +2] (2000)


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