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SURRENDER DOROTHY - Surrender Dorothy (1992)

SURRENDER DOROTHY - Surrender Dorothy (1992) front

American melodic hard rockers SURRENDER DOROTHY arrived a little too late into the scene with their self-titled 1992's debut album, but glad they did it.
While the band was formed in the '80s, they had no luck with a major label singing. However the group managed to record this album and release it by themselves.

This New Jersey band - including guitarist Rocco Mazzella, previously in Tangier - were really good at their game: polished US melodic hard with that late '80s feel and polished production for the genre as it was used circa 1990-91.
While Woody Joe Orner's vocal timbre recalls Danger Danger's Ted Poley (check out opener 'Fire in the Sky') the album's overall sound oscillates between Damn Yankees and Night Ranger.

With titles like 'Rock City', 'Hit and Run' (one of my favorites), or the keyboard filled "Just Another Nuthin' (You Are)" you can expect fun rockers with pumping bass lines, slick riffs and catchy choruses - all members contribute harmony vocals.

SURRENDER DOROTHY - Surrender Dorothy (1992) back

Of course there's a power ballad (and a good one) in 'Only the Night', and slightly bluesy rockers such as 'Nature of the Beast'. For the end, Surrender Dorothy delivers their more elaborated track in 'Faith Healer' with interesting passages.

A quite unknown band from the late American Melodic Hard Rock movement, talented and solid in songwriting and performances.

01 - Fire in the Sky
02 - Sittin' Pretty
03 - Only the Night
04 - Rock City
05 - Hit and Run
06 - Nature of the Beast
07 - Just Another Nuthin' (You Are)
08 - Long Legged Sadie (Back Street Lady)
09 - When My Baby's Not My Babe
10 - Faith Healer

Woody Joe Orner - Lead Vocals
Richie Mahn - Guitars, Vocals
Rocco Mazzella - Guitars, Vocals
Mike Kost - Bass, Vocals
Karl Monahan - Drums, Percussion
Bill Saltzer - Keyboards, Vocals

SURRENDER DOROTHY - Surrender Dorothy (1992)


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