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RICK SPRINGFIELD - TAO (1985) Remastered

RICK SPRINGFIELD - TAO (1985) Remastered
Known for his straight and immediate melodic rock tunes, RICK SPRINGFIELD changed the general approach with his middle-eighties record "TAO". With a production and arrangements technically & sonically far beyond its year, the album was unleashed on the world at the end of 1985.
It was a stellar departure from anything Rick had ever tried before: elaborated hi-tech AOR melodies with a complex musical background, a heavy mix of processed guitars, synthesizers, vocal effects, sampling and drum machines.

"There is a lot going on, you can really hear it. We covered it with a lot of guitar and bass. TAO is still my favorite album" said Springfield. And although I love his previous records, "TAO" is my favorite too.
This one has all we love from the '80s; compressed drums, 'that' reverb and keyboards galore.
But there's much more than sonic bombast here. Rick offers deep and rich lyrics like a warning about the devastation of the planet on "Walking On The Edge", social revolution in "Celebrate Youth" (a hit in Germany), the search for spiritual truth on "The TAO Of Heaven", and the somber perspective of "Dancing The World Away".

RICK SPRINGFIELD - TAO (1985) Remastered back cover

Simply put, "TAO" is one of the greatest AOR albums from the Eighties. Behind the wall of super-produced sounds we still find top notch musicians like drummer extraordinaire Mike Baird, Pino Palladino on fretless bass, or the exquisite Tim Pierce on guitar, who also co-wrote the great opener "Dance This World Away".
You must have TAO in your collection, and be sure that is this remastered version.

01 - Dance This World Away
02 - Celebrate Youth
03 - State Of The Heart
04 - Written In Rock
05 - The Power Of Love (The Tao Of Love)
06 - Walking On The Edge
07 - Walk Like A Man
08 - The Tao Of Heaven
09 - Stranger In The House
10 - My Father's Chair

Rick Springfield: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synths, Emulator
Tim Pierce: Guitar, Synthesizer [Gr707]
Pino Palladino: Bass
Mike Baird: Drums
Mike Fischer: Percussion
Mitchell Froom: Keyboards, Synths, Samplers, Effects
Nicky Hopkins: Synthesizer [Dx7, Jx-3p]
Jeff Silverman: Synthesizer [Gr707]
John Phillip Shenale: Synthesizer [Oberheim 8, Dx7]
Tom Kelly, Tommy Funderburk, Mike Seifrit, Richard Page: Backing Vocals



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