Tuesday, July 14, 2020

UNITED NATIONS - The First Move (1985)

UNITED NATIONS - The First Move (1985) front

Stoke-on-Trent, UK, based band UNITED NATIONS were part of the '80s British AOR wave, formed at the beginning of the decade and developing a sound / style similar to their contemporaries Tobruk, Charlie, Monro, etc.
Their one and only album "The First Move" was released via small label Magnet in 1985, but unfortunately, soon after the group went their separate ways.

The opening song titled “Sound Of The Eighties” speaks for itself: indeed this is the mid-'80s melodic rock / AOR sound filled with catchy choruses and melodies.
"You Cheated" is another instant favorite, and more highlights appear with "We Will Live Forever" and "Black Heart", while on other songs United Nations explore some different sounds providing variation.

UNITED NATIONS - The First Move (1985) back

The core of United Nations recorded a comeback album some years ago, re-working some of the tunes from this LP along with new ones.
A very hard to find vinyl, "The First Move" never was reissued on CD or any other format.
This is a LP-rip cleaned to get the best sound quality possible.

01 - Sound Of The Eighties
02 - The Night That Last Forever
03 - The First Move
04 - You Cheated
05 - Common Denominator
06 - Violation Of A Freedom
07 - We Will Live Forever
08 - Blackheart
09 - Speak After The Tone
10 - Paying The Price Of Love

Paul Cafferty – Lead and Backing Vocals
Gary Davis – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Peter Hankey – Bass
Chris Mooney – Drums, Backing Vocals
Chris Stonier – Keyboards




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