Thursday, May 17, 2007

FORCEFIELD II - The Talisman (1988)

Cozy Powell & Tony Martin

Cozy Powell & Ray Fenwick studio only project, features the tremendous Tony Martin on vocals, one of the best voices in this genre.
Neil Murray of Whitesnake play bass.
The cover of Deep Purple's "Black Night/Strange Kind of Woman" is pretty nice.
Really Good traditional Hard Rock.
Highly Recommend album.
Out of print.

1. The Talisman 5:29
2. Year of the Dragon 3:34
3. Tired of Waiting For You 4:05
4. Heartache 4:15
5. Good Is Good 4:48
6. Carrie 3:47
7. Without Your Love 4:25
8. I Lose Again 6:25
9. The Mercenary 7:06
10. Black Night/Strange Kind of Woman 5:47
11. I Lose Again (instrumental version) 6:17

Cozy Powell - drums
Tony Martin - lead and backing vocals
Neil Murray - bass
Ray Fenwick - guitars
Jan Akkerman -electric and acoustic guitars
Lawrence Cottle - bass
Chris Cozens - keyboards
Barry St. John - backing vocals



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Shot!

Anonymous said...

I hope this is better than "TO OZ AND BACK", a really boring album. Thanx for sharing this.

Defryche said...

Thanks for share. Cozy is the best.

Vince Garcia said...

Baixando essa maravilha, obrigado por disponibilizar !

Some AOR lyrics in my blog. Visit and comment too ! Thanks !

Unknown said...

Agora vamos curti essa preciosidade