Wednesday, May 09, 2007

LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - Saturn Skyline (2007)

IMHO this is the best L A D album ever. Even better than the debut.
This time the guys have listened the fans and the production is TOP class.
The songs are a perfect blend of power and harmony.
ROCKS as hell, as never before.
I never was a big fan of Mikael Erlandsson vocals, but this time the guy DID IT. GREAT vocal work and awesome musicianship as usual .
One of the albums of the year without a doubt.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. For The Young & The Wild
2. After Tomorrows Gone
3. Pages
4. Rock´n Roll Is Saving My Soul
5. I Know A Lot About Love
6. Critical
7. Supersonic
8. Frozen Heart
9. American Girl
10. Domino
11. Still On The Run
12. Skyscraper (Japan bonus track)

This is the Japan Release. In the rest of the World the bonus is the song "Rocket Of Love"

Mikael Erlandsson (vocals, keys)
Andy Malecek (guitar)
Marcel Jacob (bass)
Jamie Borger (drums)



Cherokee said...

Thanks God for Last Autumn's Dream. The band is perfect. Melodic Rock kepps real music alive! After Tomorrows Goen is beautiful. The complete album is! Rock n roll is Saving my World, Domino, etc. The ballad Frozen Heart has played here all the time, many times. If you don't know the band and like melodic rock and aor, well...

Anonymous said...

The link seems to have been removed. Please post it again. Thank you.

Camelblue said...