Tuesday, May 15, 2007

LINE OF FIRE - Line of Fire (2005)

One of the best 2005 melodic hard rock releases.
From a small label, but with excellent crisp production, this band knows how to write and play.
"Paradise" is the horse battle track of this album, a melodic heaven.
Unknown and hard to find CD.
Recommended listen
If you find it, BUY IT.

1. Faith in Fire 4:27
2. Live and Let Go 4:23
3. Fade 4:34
4. Paradise 4:56
5. Remind Me 4:04
6. Morning Light 4:08
7. Can't You See 3:39
8. Salvation's Edge 4:16
9. Falling Down (Hear My Prayer) 5:00
10. Time To Say Goodbye 3:39

Shawn Pelata vocals

Nikki Dimage guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Ed Darst guitars
Cliff Paul bass
Justin Collins drums



Anonymous said...

hi there

great blog.

lots of bands i`ve never heard of.

tried downloading thos one :-
LINE OF FIRE - Line of Fire (2005) 320K vbr

but every time it stops at 99.9

was wondering if its possible to fix.

Camelblue said...

hi Ian.
It's a problem with your IE cache.
No big deal, the file is in your HD.
Make a full "C:" search "For files and folders" and put: "Line_Of_Fire_ST_320k_HardBl_shotgun_camel.rar" without quotes. The file will appear.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I know line of fire has to be one of the greatest albums in 2005 , Shawn Pelata was the lead vocalist in a great christian band called : Oracle in the 90's. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading. The link is no longer working. Please can you refresh it.