Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HALO - Halo (1990)

IMHO the best Christian AOR-HRock band.
Better than Petra or Guardian, 'cos the keys are more predominant here, but the guitars still heavy, and more diverse songs.
The lyrics are ok, no preach all the time.
Alot people will be surprised with this band, tons of energy and driven rockin'AOR.
Produced by the Elefante bros=good sound guaranteed.
Out Of Print .

1. Jesus Music 4:20
2. Lord of All 4:39
3. Good Feeling 4:13
4. Language Barrier 5:09
5. Skyrocket 3:45
6. Lose to Live 4:33
7. Sing (of His Glory) 4:21
8. Soul Searcher 3:49
9. Time to Run 4:01
10. Timeless 1:07

Scott Springer bass, lead vocals
Barry Graul guitar, vocals
Mike Graham drums, keyboards, vocals
John & Dino Elefante co-producers

Halo (1990)


rtm007 said...

Great post this one really rocks. anybody have the other halo from 1991 called Heaven Calling. It would be great to get a hold of that one too. Thanks again for a great post

greek said...

good feeling is awesome song

Anonymous said...

I was searching for Halo on the web...can't really find much out there other than a wiki article.

Are you aware of anything?

Camelblue said...

@ Iam4Jesus:
I am afraid not. There's some Scott Springer's related info, but not specifically about Halo.

Anonymous said...

un millon de gracias por este disco impresionante

Edward Hutchinson said...

Great debut album. Skyrocket was a major hit in 1990. Good feeling was an AOR followup.