Thursday, August 23, 2007

O'RYAN - Something Strong (1991)

Well guys and gals, this is almost a perfect album, with a total 80's feel, plenty of melody an sing-along songs.

Killer uptempo melodic tracks, even the ballads are strong. I can't name a highlight, all are fabulous, no fillers here.
Really good production and sound, similar style to Joseph Lee Wood (already posted here), Tim Feehan or earlier Stan Meissner.
Top class AOR. Highly recommended.
If you can find it, BUY IT.

1. Stronger Than Love
2. Reaction
3. Don't Let It Slip Away
4. Shaky Ground
5. Something Strong
6. Emer May
7. Blood Upon a Stone
8. Lying Eyes
9. Deeper Than the Ocean

Mervyn Spence: lead vocals, guitar, piano, bass
Dieter Petereit: keyboards, bass programming
Curt Cress: drums
Pit Low: keyboards
Peter Weihe: guitars
Hermann Weindorf: piano


Anonymous said...

Great album! Great band! Thank you very much! I love AOR!

Kipjuanjo said...

fantastic album.Thank yopu very much for it

Alejandro said...

A Very Good album, i´ve been searching for them since years ago, my name is Alejandro an i´am from Argentina, ¿is there any other album from O´Ryan? if it so, then publish them, please, so we can look for it.
Thanks a lot...!

camelblue said...

Hola Alejandro.
Existe otro album de O'ryan.
Lo subire pronto, mantente alerta.

TNT said...

Fantastico album y Stranger Than Love de las mas hermosas canciones q oi nunca.gracias por compartir.

Anonymous said...

Hola, estoy pendiente del otro disco de O'Ryan


Camelblue said...

Hola: tengo varios uploads en lista de espera. Te recomiendo que pidas el otro disco de O'Ryan en la seccion "Request & Fill Corner" (preferentemente en ingles y usando un nickname).
De seguro alguien te ayudara. Sumate a esa seccion, hay mucha actividad alli.

Ale Do Carmo said...

Good AOR album. Bought it for just 1 dollar 10 years ago