Tuesday, August 21, 2007

MIKAEL ERLANDSSON - The Gift (2002) Japan edition + bonus

Mikael is a well known singer in Japan and Sweden.
His sweet voice was chosen for various AOR projects like Tommy Denander's "Radioactive" or "Heartbreak Radio".
But he find a stable band role in "Last Autumn's Dream", a great swedish outfit.
This is his 4th and last solo album, a fine collection of songs, well produced an well written.
'I Send You My Heart', 'Stop', 'Excuse Me Baby' are good examples, production could be better, it's ok.
Nothing to die for, but a good listen and an opportunity to discover this underrated artist.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Out Of Champagne 3:16
2. Stop (Following Me) 4:04
3. I Love You 4:14
4. Soul Is My Name 4:38
5. This Is Your Life 3:31
6. Million Dollar Girl 3:34
7. I Send You My Heart 3:40
8. My Day 3:38
9. Stay 3:59
10. Excuse Me Baby 3:53
11. Love's Got A Hold On Me 3:26
12. 24-Hours 2:28
13. It's Gonna Be Alright 4:25 (Japan bonus)

Mikael Erlandsson Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Jan Eliasson Lead Guitar
Mats Persson Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
Torbjoern Wassenius Guitar



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