Friday, January 16, 2009

VIDAR JOHNSEN - Circling EP (2005)

Vidar Johnsen, norwegian singer and guitarrist,
made his stage debut with only 12 years old.
During the mid 80's wins a competition in his country
and record the first single.
In 1995 release the 1st full lengh solo.
Later joined forces with the band VAMP
(a mega seller in Norway), as stable member.

In 2004 began recording his second album,
and as advance, this EP was released for promotion.
The CD 'Dance of Lust' is published next year
and reaches the No. 1 position in the Norwegian charts.
Melodic Modern Rock, good voice, fresh production.
Scandinavian style, sung in english.
Quite rare

1 - Shoe's Untied
2 - Bookworm
3 - Cross The Ocean
4 - Circling

Personnel: unlisted



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