Tuesday, February 03, 2009

OFF COURSE - Back Streets Of Tokyo (1985)

Regarded by the Japan press as one of the best
Westcoast-Pop groups, this band have recorded a handful of albums only released in Asia.
This is their more international effort, produced and mixed in Los Angeles with PETER WOLF in front of the table, to make them sound more 'Western'.
Melodies abound, nice guitars, pretty good choruses.
Round and polished sound, clean mix and production.
Reissued on CD in '94.
Only Japan, hard to find.

1. Fool (What Does a Fool Do Now)
2. Second Chance
3. Love's Determination
4. Her Pretender
5. Eyes In The Back Of My Heart
6. Melody
7. Love's On Fire
8. Endless Nights

Kazumasa Oda: vocals, keyboards
Hitoshi Shimizu: bass
Jiri Oma: drums & percussion
Kazuhiko Matsuo: guitars, harmonica
Peter Wolf: keyboards
Tom Kelly, Tommy Funderburk: backing vocals



Anonymous said...

Bastante interesante este trabajo... lo suficiente para imaginar todas esas escenas, sucesos... me agrada...

Gracias amigo!

taka said...

Off Course was my favorite band. They broke up in 1989, but their songs are still popular. Thank you from Japan.

cheryl said...

I love this album, a pen friend of mine sent it to me from Japan shortly after it came out, and then 15 years later when I got burgled, the tape was in the hi fi the thieves took and I have not been able to replace the album since. Would LOVE to know how to get it in the UK, Off Course were, are one of the best groups of their time x

Camelblue said...

@ cheryl:
Sorry to read that. You can grab the album digitally clicking the orange link.
If you really need the CD, it's available at Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00005EJQD