Saturday, April 25, 2009

AVION (Australia) - 4 Rare Singles 84 - 85 - 87

Mythical band in their homeland, began his career in the early 80's.
In 1983 they released the first LP for the RCA label.
The following year, one single, "Still The Night" , containing two new songs.
The label drop them, so they signed with EMI, and start recording a new album.
Here there are 2 advanced singles, each one with a track that did not end in the disc.
In 1987 the band self-released a "Live" tape, with the best songs of their career, some never recorded previously.
A 2-track promo of the album complete this collection.

Tracks noted " # " are not in the two official LP's :

1984 single A - Still The Night #
1984 single B - Southern Cross #

1985 single (June) A - We've Got Secrets
1985 single (June) B - Bigger They Are #

1985 single (September) A - Celebration
1985 single (September) B - Ransom #

1987 single A - The Bigger You Are [Live] #
1987 single B - Money Or Love [Live] #

This is an extremely rare material, you won't find it easily anywhere.
Very nice AOR .
Grab it now!

Randall Waller: Vocals & Guitar
Martyn Toole: Guitar
Kendall Waller: Bass
Evan Murray: Keyboards
John Waller: Drums
Paul Gannell: Guitar

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Anonymous said...

The guitarist(Randall)currently plays in Shania Twain's band.

Anonymous said...

awesome post man THANKS

Comrade said...

Fantastic post, thank you very much!

Can you get hold of and post the 'Live' album?

That would be awesome!

Camelblue said...

@ Comrade :
Glad you like it.
Sorry, only got a poor copy of the Live album (only released on cassette). The sound does not meet this blog's standards...

AussieRock said...

Thanks so much for this Camel Blue - certainly a rare find indeed.
Would really love to hear the 'Live' Cassette - poor quality or not.

Pretty please......