Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As requested, a new Scandi - AOR single rarities Volume.

One and only QUOLIO's single, extremely melodious, great harmonies and generous keyboards.
This single from the Norwegians JUMP is one of the most sought after by collectors, even rare in their homeland.
Top songwriting, soaring choruses, a pleasure to listen to.
Unfortunately, their one and only recording.

BORDERLINE plays classic scandi AOR strongly influenced by hard rock, very good combination, nice sound.
It's rumored that they recorded a full lengh, which remains unpublished to date.
MAEDAY released one LP, only on vinyl, with very good songs following the typical swedish Scandi - AOR mould.
I love their album, this is the promo-only single, not for sale.

Other Swedes, VON ROSEN, left some very good singles, with interesting arrangements and great vocals.
A goodie.
DA VINCI achieved great popularity with two superb albums, (and an unreleased).
This is their first single ever, featuring two songs never appeared in the LP's.
One of my favorite bands in this genre.

Very good vinyl rips.
Fully tagged with info release and myself made artwork.



Unknown said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice stuff ! BTW, there's one more song from the Swedish band "Cheri" here :

Anonymous said...

Will be fun to listen to...
What about the Swedish band QUIL..
(made one great vinyl album... Came from MÖNSTERÅS)...

Salsa said...

I'll be back. great sound.
Visit me.

Generossa said...

what a treat! thank you!

A Fan said...

Thanx alot friend and even more so for the dedication!!!

Your too kind :)

A Fan

Unknown said...

The only thing I have to complain is that you posted in rapidshare, and I'll have to wait a download to finish to take it... again, thanks a lot for sharing this Scandi stuff, I love it! Best regards, friends.

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David Van Zant said...

Gorgeous compilation. Lion's Share tracks are great as fuck!!

cat said... are the best, for all this rare singles
thanks a million!!!!!

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