Tuesday, January 12, 2010

LAUREN SMOKEN - Lauren Smoken (1988)

Of all the female voices that have dared to nip at Janis Joplin's coat tails, Lauren Smoken's is the most powerful.
Almost unheard of outside her native Florida, she did at least pop up to New York for a spell in the late eighties to record a stunner of a debut album.

It ignores genres and cares only about Lauren's gorgeous voice, raw and howling when needed, soulful and velvety on the ballads.
One word defines her performance: Passionate.
The musical backbone of this recording is her husband, George Mazzola.
George's rippin' hard rock and gut-wrenching blues style shines throughout the disc, bringing Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Gary Moore to the table.
Listen his licks and solos carefully, the man was great! (passed away few years ago, Rest In Peace G.).

Produced by Jack Douglas (better known for his work with AEROSMITH), the sound and mix is straight in your face Rock 'N Roll.
Very rare CD version (looks like a bootleg!) including one bonus track, at max quality for you listening pleasure.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Haven't I had enough
02 - Rock a bye baby
03 - Smile
04 - Gonna give love one more try
05 - I need the money
06 - The trouble with me is you (CD bonus)
07 - License to love
08 - Come to me
09 - Cry wolf
10 - Little boy dreams
11 - Never learn to say good bye
12 - Best of me

Personnel: Unlisted
Lauren Smoken - Vocals
George Mazzola - Guitars



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Fantastic - been looking for this one for ages! Many, many thanks.
Also highly recommended: her 2005 album 'Spoonful Of Stars'.

Camelblue said...

Glad you like it.
Never heard 'Spoonful Of Stars'...
How about to upload it and share with all of us?
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