Wednesday, December 30, 2020

ONE AND THE SAME - Someday (2002)

This is a revamped post from years ago, per request. The quality of the music deserves it and fact that it isn't available anywhere into the blogosphere.
Get it while it's hot...

This is a beautiful collection of songs & music, different to anything you have listened by now. Quite unknown and self-released, "Someday" was discovered to me by my good friend Troynew, so thanks him.
Forget genres and don't miss this graceful album. 

Troy himself explains the whole thing in his own words :

I was impressed when I first heard the soundbytes and couldn't wait for my copy to arrive.
Having heard the genuine article in all its regal splendor, I'm well and truly bowled over by what is clearly one of the latest and greatest in a long line of superb christian melodic pop/rock releases.

This is not just the best heretofore unknown outfit I stumbled across while racking up the items for my most recent order, but arguably the finest CD I've ordered this year thus far (and I've purchased quite a few).
Frankly I haven't heard this kind of vocal grandstanding from a female duo since VENUS & MARS' acclaimed masterpiece 'New Moon Rising', on this occasion as well combined with an immaculate production job and 10 outstanding tracks that leave little to be desired for the discerning aficionado of divinely inspired piano/keyboard dominated melodies and prodigy level songwriting.

Since I have a penchant for AOR, it stands to reason that I would favor those tracks with a heavier rock edge, such as magnificent opener 'The Father will find you' with its STYX-like pomposity and the simply breathtaking semiballad 'Peace be still', which is very much in the same style as the aforementioned VENUS & MARS (a superior version of Canadian sister act HEART).

For the past couple of days I've been playing those two to death, which is not taking anything away from the other delightful cuts.
I've enjoyed every single song (and note, for that matter) on this awesome album.
No impartial listener could fail to recognize how extremely talented these ladies are, though I would hardly call them 'one and the same'.
On the contrary, their voices are unique in their own way (obviously), while complementing each other exceedingly well.

This disc is for those who value subtle and refined, yet with plenty of bravado, and should appeal to a sizable, diverse audience (Did I hear echoes of Sade in 'Love remains'?).
To state I am looking forward to hearing more from ONE AND THE SAME would be putting it mildly.
Need I say it? Get this album while the getting's good, or you may live to regret it!

Highly Recommended

1. The Father Will Find You
2. Someday
3. Love Remains
4. Have Mercy (On Me)
5. Peace Be Still
6. Eyes of Sorrow
7. These Are the Times
8. Because of You
9. Lord Gives Grace, The (Hannah's Song)
10. Captain of My Soul

Rachel MacKay: Lead & Backing Vocals, piano
Mitzi Shetzline: Lead & Backing Vocals, piano
Mark Pay: Guitars, Background Vocals
Randy Melson: Bass
Shawn Fichter: Drums & Percussion
Rolin Mains: Synths, keyboards



TheMurf said...

Sister act Heart is Canadian? That would be news to Seattle.

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rosbeliobones9223@gmail,com said...

Muito obrigado,muito bom disco !!

marcelo rockaholic pi said...

Alguém poderia compartilhar comigo esse album SOMEDAY - ONE AND THE SAME?!?!?!? muito grato! Meu email para envio do arquivo

Unknown said...

Thanks man for this.