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SEDONA (USA) - Reel History [The Early Recordings] (1998)

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SEDONA is a californian Melodic Hard Rock band from Sacramento (not to be confused with the french AOR / westcoast band with the same name).
They have been played since 1989 and opened shows for bands like REO SPEEDWAGON, HEART, THE STORM, FOREIGNER, NIGHT RANGER.

The group has released 3 albums so far, being this one their 1992 debut, re-issued in '98 including a hidden bonus track.
As the title states, these are their early recordings circa 90-92, excellent polished demos produced by the leader Mike Fox and his twin brother Ray.
A very strong collection of hard-driving songs, like the opener 'Ain't Your Baby' in a GIANT style, 'Stranger' reminds me GARY HUGHES a lot, and 'Crimes Of Passion' sounds as many melodic hard rock classic bands from the early '90s.
'Keeping Me Waiting' is an original ballad far from the stereotypical cliché in this genre. The hidden bonus (taken from their debut EP) is also a beautiful semi-acoustic ballad with some alternative influences, but perfectly crafted.

All the tunes are good and pretty well produced for an independent release, and the versatility / musicianship displayed here it's really uncommon.
Any rockin' AOR / MHR fan will be pleased with this disc.

1 - Ain't Your Baby
2 - Stranger
3 - Leaving You
4 - Fire From The Sky
5 - Keila
6 - Crimes Of Passion
7 - Keeping Me Waiting
8 - Red Sky [hidden bonus track]

Mike Fox : Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Mark Holley : Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ray Fox : Bass, Vocals
Darrell Hale : Drums, Vocals

SEDONA (USA) - Reel History


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