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OFF THE EDGE - Just Another Band (2000)

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Off The Edge is not the typical AOR / Melodic Rock band, nor their style, nor their origin.
Formed in South Africa from the ashes of the local metal band 'Boss' by multi-instumentalist Peter Hanmer and bass player Tony Groenewald, featuring female vocals and guest musicians to complete the line-up.

The band started to play in the early eighties, their first album (self-titled 1983) was a pretty good AOR/Pomp based song collection, but ain't was until 1998 that they went into studio to record the follow up 'On The Run'.
It sold enough copies to pay for the next album: 'Just Another Band'.
In Peter Hanmer own words:
"The CD is entitled 'Just Another Band' and reflects the way that this type of music is regarded in South Africa (this is definitely not the place to be for melodic rock, we're just another band). It consists of seven vocal tracks and three instrumentals.
The instrumentals were influenced by bands such as CAMEL, ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, etc. while the seven vocal tracks were all sung by our new vocalist Judy Marshall-Schutte, and range from BOSTON influences to RTZ, SANTANA, TREVOR RABIN, WITNESS, VENUS AND MARS, etc."

The band has a personal style, without record label commitments, pressures or market targets, recording, producing and releasing their albums independently, so they let the music flow at their own pleasure.
The album opens with 'Addiction', a heavily influenced APP instrumental that quickly leads into 'Do You Believe' which is a catchy pop-rock track.
Next up is 'Cheating', a modern Santana-style tune with nice guitar.
Things slow down a little in the calmer lite-AOR songs 'Don't Play Games' and 'In My Heart', a sweet ballad featuring the soulful piano-playing of Tony Groenewald.
'Face In The Crowd' is a bouncy uptempo AOR rocker with a catchy chorus and a great riffing from Peter. The best album song in my opinion.

Both instrumentals 'Ovation' and 'Blueprint' are the highlights of this recording, inspired landscapes plenty of good ideas, and beautiful playing.
'St. Aidans' is a nine minute epic, which is about a beautiful church in Grahamstown, South Africa. Peter: 'There is a statue of an angel outside the church that overlooks the church. At night the statue casts a shadow through the stained glass windows onto the walls inside the church. This song tells the whole story.'
This track wouldn't be out of place on any of Alan Parsons conceptual albums. Another highlight.

I am not completely convinced with the new vocalist Judy Marshall-Schutte, but the quality of the songs, the excellent production and the general concept, worth to give 'Just Another Band' repeated listens.

Recorded & produced at Foxglove Sound Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa by Peter Hanmer between April 1999 and March 2000.
Out of print CD.
Thanks troynew!

1. Addiction (instrumental) [3.09]
2. Do You Believe [4.38]
3. Cheating [3.50]
4. Don't Play Games [3.51]
5. In My Heart [5.26]
6. Face In The Crowd [4.34]
7. Creatures Of Mood [4.25]
8. Ovation (instrumental) [7.54]
9. Blueprint (instrumental) [4.14]
10. St. Aidans [9.08]

Peter Hanmer: guitars, keyboards, programming
Tony Groenewald: bass, piano on 'In My Heart'
Judy Marshall-Schutte: vocals
and some guest musicians...



Anonymous said...

Muy buena banda

simonthecat said...

this blew me away - totally unexpected! great album!

God's girl said...

This album was recorded over 10 years before the review and was the 2nd album that Off The Edge recorded (prior to that they were 'Boss' with only Peter Hamner and Tony Groenwald the original members of Boss to form OTE. Judy Marshall-Schutte was the 1st vocalist of the OTE line up and was replaces when she immigrated. I don't know how the reviewer can say he's 'not sure' about her!? I have both albums and she has incredible power as well as sweetness in her vocals. I used to follow her career and she was so versatile. It's a shame she left SA

Anonymous said...

Actually, Judy was the second singer for Off the Edge. The first singer was Tony Groenewald who sang on the first album, recorded back in 1983 (and released on cd in May 2012).

Off the Edge have released five albums in total and are busy on the sixth, entitled "Cast in Stone". The "Just Another Band" cd is most definitely NOT out of print. It's available on the band's website -

Peter Hanmer.

mastermind77 said...

Enlace caido camel,saludos

Anonymous said...

i just found this again (havent listened in a while). Songs are very dated, but riffs good and vocals best part. some lyrics don't make sense and bit cheezy. Drum sounds like machine? but not bad for a road trip. glad i fuond it again