Thursday, April 08, 2010

AOR TREASURES - The Japan Bonus Vol.2

Another Japan Bonus installment.
Vol.1 has become very popular and readers are requesting bonuses all the time in 'Request & Fill Corner' section.
Many are filled here (Thunder, Stone Soup, T'Bell, Cheap Trick) and I've picked a bunch of pretty good ones that deserved to be listened.

"Cold Heart" by 21 GUNS isn't the demo version appeared in their 'Nothing's Real' album, this is the finished track. Why they never properly released worldwide this great tune?
"Blood From A Stone" performed by CHRISSY STEELE is a lost gem co-written by MIKE RENO.
I love ACTION's "Forever" piano version (their album has a different cover in the asian edition), and the awesome "When The Walls Come Down" by STONE SOUP, in my opinion, the best song on the entire 'Spooge' album.

74 min, myself made artwork.

01 - Big Bad Wolf : Rock Someone
(Big Bad Wolf bonus) 1998

02 - Fair Warning : No Limit
(Brother's Keeper bonus) 2006

03 - Grand Illusion : Forever And For Always
(Ordinary Just Won't Do bonus) 2004

04 - Pride Of Lions : I Am My Father
(The Roaring Of Dreams bonus) 2007

05 - Action : Forever [Piano Version]
(Action bonus) 2007

06 - 21 Guns : Cold Heart
(Salute bonus) 1992

07 - Thunder : Love's An Easy Word To Say
(The Magnificent Seventh bonus) 2005

08 - Zeno : Together [Tommy Heart version]
(Listen To The Light remaster bonus) 2005

09 - TNT : Electric Dancer
(Intuition bonus) 1988

10 - Garbo Talks : Running
(Garbo Talks bonus) 1998

11 - Chrissy Steele : Blood From A Stone
(Magnet To Steele bonus) 1991

12 - Brian McDonald : Only You I Need
(Voyage bonus) 2003

13 - Cheap Trick : Big Bang
(Busted bonus) 1990

14 - Asia : Rise
(Silent Nation bonus) 2004

15 - T'Bell : Sorry Elaine
(Replay bonus) 2000

16 - Stone Soup : When The Walls Come Down
(Spooge bonus) 1997

Japan Bonus Vol.2


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Otra gran recopilacion
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...y uno viene como las moscas vio! jaja!! gcias x el tiempo y dedicacion!! amigo Saludos

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Another great one. Thanks. You rock!

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You did it again... great colection. Thanks

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Thanks for the TNT, I'm looking forward to hearing it. And the rest of course.