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AOR TREASURES - The Seminal Years 80 - 83

Already it has been three years since I did my first compilations for this site.
The aim was to introduce some uncommon AOR / Melodic Rock bands and encourage readers to explore this genre.
But I'd only covered the years 1986 to 1993 across two volumes.

Well, I have taken up the idea and it's fair completing the circle with all those who 'started all' at the beginning of the glorious decade (1980-1983), also with a forthcoming volume covering the 84-85 period.
Again, no major acts like Survivor, Journey, etc.

Years have passed and today it's pretty easy to get material from these bands browsing the web.
But not always ripped at highest CD quality and most of them from remastered reissues.
DVC was never officially released on CD, but this rip is from the bootleg edition that sounds really good.
Other bands difficult to find on CD are CALL ME and VERITY's debut.

As said, absolute classics, 320K CD rips, the vast majority remastered.
Load your iPod or your car stereo with these wonderful songs and rock 'til you drop!

01 - Aldo Nova - Fantasy (1982)
02 - Balance - I'm Through Loving You (1981)
03 - ArcAngel - Tragedy (1983)
04 - Preview - Open Your Heart (1983)
05 - Prism - Wired (1982)
06 - Hughes-Thrall - The Look In Your Eye (1982)
07 - Call Me - Running Out Of Love (1981)
08 - Alliance - Make It Right (1982)
09 - Shelter - On The Line (1983)
10 - Le Roux - Lifeline (1983)
11 - Harlequin - Innocence (1980)
12 - Grand Prix - Give Me What's Mine (1982)
13 - i-TEN - Time To Say Goodbye (1983)
14 - Thrills - You Don't Remember Me (1981)
15 - D V C - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (1981)
16 - RPM - Firestarter (1982)
17 - Streets - So Far Away (1983)
18 - Verity - Love Is Blind (1983)

Back Tray preview, CLICK HERE:

AOR TREASURES - The Seminal Years - NEW LINK


SOFIA said...

Woahhh!!! Great idea Camelblue! You did it again! Way to go...

SOFIA said...

So many hooks in here! It's almost addictive!!!

Anonymous said...

Another amazing collection!

Would LOVE to hear a few with the popular and well known acts (Journey, Survivor, etc).

Anonymous said...

it keeps coming invalid link please fix

Camelblue said...

Link working perfectly, 173 dw so far.
Try again

troynew said...

Blimey, i've never even heard of Call Me, DVC and Verity!?! :o0
Are these cult classics perhaps that are so underground that i completely overlooked them?
Any chance you can hook me up with a rip of the albums in question?

Freeman said...

I love to visit here because of nice AOR songs, especially all these AOR Treasures.

Big Thank to Camelblue.

Türk 182 said...

excellent ... thanks Camelblue most of them are my fav. bands & albums Specially Balance,Le Roux Hughes/Thrall and STREETS.... now tomorrow I am going to places where I was born and I listen them along travel
always you choose best songs from alb.or movies I listened Chas Sanford& Night Brother's songs thousand of times I never tried of listening to them By the way I found Losin it's LP version I put it in my next comp. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or the link is missing?

Camelblue said...

Is it you...
Click on ENJOY !!! , then on 'continue'

Anonymous said...

Thanks Camelblue for some excellent compilations however since the demise of megaupload the link doesn't work anymore please reupload.

Camelblue said...

Coming up in a few hours

Anonymous said...

Need to sign up or login to download this one?

Camelblue said...


Anonymous said...

Please, can you repost ""AOR TREASURES - THE SEMINAL YEARS - 80-83""

Camelblue said...