Friday, May 28, 2010

AOR TREASURES - Extended Versions 3 (Plattenpapst Edition)

Each track of this new Extended volume was selected, compiled and submitted to me by a reader of this blog : Ralf from Germany, aka "Plattenpapst".
I've only cleaned and 'mastered' these vinyl rips and designed the art work.
Go ahead, submit your own rips / favorite songs to the next Extended, Japan Bonus, The Soundtracks, etc. compilations.

On his own words: NO DICE's Come Dancing' has been an all-time-favourite and should be the "motto" for this selection. This is 'the-non-extended-version-that-feels-like-one' of all times to me and earns a lot more interest.
Well, in fact it is an extended version.
Only released as a single, there's also an edit/radio cut. The terminology 'extended version' or 'remix' are very eighties, and only came into use around '83 - '84. Before that (as in the case of 'Come Dancing', recorded '79), they were called 'Long Version'.
Same with GOLDEN EARRING: Twilight Zone.

GARY MOORE's track is pretty rare, I think it's his only remix never released on CD yet.
'Start Talking Love' by MAGNUM is one of the most commercial tunes released by the band ever.
I like GUN's extended remix a lot. Originally released as vinyl only single b-side ('89), it was included later in their 'Don't Say It's Over CDs 1994', from where it has been taken.
'Heaven Knows' is a ROBERT PLANT classic, being this one my fav remix.
'Eloise' is a pretty rare song/single by ROBIN McAULEY (MSG, FAR CORPORATION), as far I know, only released in Germany. There's 2 vinyl editions, the regular single, and one featuring 2 different remixes.

Another rarity is FRANK RYAN's 'You You', a really cool mix.
FASTWAY: The World Waits For You is a killer extended remixed rocker, better than the original in my opinion.
Not enough MAGNUM? Another gem; 'Lonely Night', to me, their best extended version, with bombastic drums and heavily remixed.
Closing track is one of my favorite remixes of all time. CHARLIE's classic, at all its splendor ready to the dance floor.

Remember, all these tracks are official remixes, original material performed during the recording sessions, no third hand adds or DJ work.
Check the tags of each song, I've added full release info, catalog number, and original artwork (you can extract all with your tag editor program).
All 320 Kbps rips, except track 1.


EXTENDED Vol.3 - Option 1

EXTENDED Vol.3 - Option 2



Anonymous said...

Thanx , But why no megaupload or Rapidshare?

Peter said...

keep getting invalid link, thanks anyway this looks good,.

Grogwort said...

Thanks for more awesome!!

KISSMAR said...

Graciela!!! estrujen bajen Saludos!!

El Capi Tornado said...

thank u for the music .

Anonymous said...

it keeps coming up invalid link please fix

Camelblue said...

@ Peter & All:

Please try again.
Link working, 141 downloads so far.
Last one: 2 min. ago

Paisley said...

What a kickass compilation! Well done Plattenpapst, and Camel for putting it up here. Sometimes these longer versions can get a bit too much when you listen to a whole collection of them, but i never get that feeling with the aor, rock ones. A lot of these songs i hadn't heard before. This music is unbeatable!

turkaor said...

@Camelblue I want to post a soundtrack comp. to you but Im sure you got already them also can I send a tv themes comp.(from 80's) here

Peter said...

@Camelblue, I've tried several times to grab this but still invalid link, any ideas, I really only need the Eloise track. Thanks.

troynew said...

Great restore job again.
I'm always puzzled as to where you guys manage to find this kind of obscure (unreleased?) stuff.
The only extended version songs i've got appear on officially released compilation albums mostly dating back decades ago, though i guess these outside the Netherlands may be equally hard to get a hold of.
Are they allowed too, or do they not meet your rarity criteria because it's official output (on cd, so no restoring necessary)?

Anyway, didn't have any problems grabbing this one myself.
Strange that a lot of other folks do.

joecool said...

Thanks Camelblue and Plattenpapst
Really cool-- Also no problems here downloading (except a slow computer)

plattenpapst said...

@ camelblue:
wow, here's our "joint venture"'s been so much fun to do this all across the ocean! Funny artwork, by the way! I hope you guys like these tracks...HAVE FUN!

Camelblue said...

@ All:
Link working. Please try again. 267 downloads so far.

@ troynew :
ALL these versions were officially released.
Any official remix / extended (vinyl rips, cd reissues, etc) are welcome, no matter if it's rare or not.
Go ahead and submit yours folks.

Camelblue said...

@ Peter :

Robin McAuley - Eloise (Bombastic Version) :

Peter said...


cheers mate.

Blogwatcher said...

Fantastic job guys!
I most like the two Magnum Songs. The intro for "Lonely Night" is a real winner and the "Start Talking Love" won my heart once again.

I have read that the song "Rockin' Chair" from Magnum should have a well priced Maxi too. Does someone own this and probably can share it?
Thanks a lot for your patience.
I hope this collaboration will continue.

Anonymous said...

thanks 4 the Fastway

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thanks for the great comp.

where aret the other 2 parts??

very interesting work

Camelblue said...

Glad You like it.
Just click on 'AOR TREASURES - Extended Versions (3)', Labels section, right column

Enrico said...

Great job to both of you!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

gracias camello

Anonymous said...

muy bueno, recordar los temas que escuchaba en mi adolescencia y que me siguen gustan , gloria a los 80s

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SA_Ray said...

Hello, is there an active link I could use to download this music? I'm new to this site and still learning so I'm sorry if this info is already posted somewhere else.


Camelblue said...

Link updated. Enjoy

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