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JOHN VERITY - Interrupted Journey (1983)

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John Verity's info can be found on a previous post (his 2nd solo album) HERE
This is his first album, a guitar oriented collection of songs, some new, some unfinished from other projects.
UK artist, but this music is commercial and melodic specifically oriented to the US market: big arena guitars, anthemic choruses and good doses of keyboards.
A great blend of powerful guitar hard rockers with American AOR.

My favorites are the AOR oriented tracks:
'Just Another Day (In The Life Of A Fool)', a mix of american / british sound.
The best song here; 'Love Is Blind' sounds like the americans BALANCE, pure AOR tune.
'It's Coming Right' is another classic mid-tempo AOR track with huge choruses.
A very melodic side can be heard on 'In The Arms Of Someone Else' (written by Mike Rutherford), nice harmonies and keyboard laden.
The sharper, hard rockin' songs: 'Are You Ready For This' (Y&T comes in mind), the urgent opener 'Rescue Me', 'You're The Loser' (a powerful guitar rocker with live audience overdubs in the mix) and the really cool 'Chippin' Away At The Stone'.
The album closes with a very good guitar power ballad: 'Fallin´'.

A perfectly balanced album, skillfully produced, and pretty unknown to the big audience.
Highly Recommended
Hard to find Remastered CD version only available at JV website.

01 - Rescue Me
02 - Just Another Day
03 - Stay With Me Baby
04 - Love Is Blind
05 - Are You Ready For This
06 - Your The Loser
07 - It's Coming Right
08 - Chippin' Away At The Stone
09 - In The Arms Of Someone Else
10 - Fallin'

Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitars : John Verity
Bass : Terry Uttley, David Wintour
Bass Pedals : Mike Rutherford
Drums : Bob Henrit, Steve Rodford
Keyboards : Rod Argent, Andy Clark, Richard Cottle
Backing Vocals : Rod Argent, Russ Ballard,
Chris Norman, Alan Silson, Terry Uttley

JOHN VERITY - Interrupted Journey CD


Peter said...

help!! every time i try to download i get invalid link, would love this one, any ideas as to what's wrong? i've tried the japan bonus,plattenpapst luck. any suggestions most appreciated.

Peter said...

ignore last comment finnaly got it to work, thanks.

SOFIA said...

This album also contains the track "Stay with me baby", a very beautiful song, first recorded in 1966 with Lorraine Ellison's voice and since then it was covered by The Walker Brothers, David Essex, Ruby Turner, Rebecca Wheatley, Janis Joplin, Genya Ravan, Terry Reid, Sharon Tandy and Les Fleur de Lys, Natalie Cole, Jimmy Witherspoon, Kiki Dee, Shirley Brown, Whitesnake, Bette Midler and last but not least by Duffy in 2009. All great covers! John Verity's cover of the song is not bad at all either!
Thanks Camelblue for this album! :)

Freeman said...

Everytime CamelBlue says "Highly Recommended". I'll grab it without any hesitation.

Thank for sharing nice AOR to us.

zak said...

Thanks CB

peraberg said...

Thanks for this gem, Camelblue. A couple of guys from Smokie appearing on this one. And, SOFIA, "Stay With Me" was also covered by Ronnie Montrose on his "Diva Station" CD, with Davey Pattison singing.

Anonymous said...

Have this on vinyl-got it for a buck in a used records store. :) SCORE!!! Listed as AOR but I detect a strong similarity to Fastway. Great post. It's nice to have a digital counterpart to my vinyl. :)

Camelblue said...

Glad you like it.
Yes, Fastway and british related bands.

salvo00786 said...

please can you reupload this?


salvo00786 said...

this is the remastered version?

Camelblue said...

Coming up soon. Please be patient.

Camelblue said...


Tomovic said...

Hi Camel I paste from the forum a request of Tommyland

Hi Camelblue, two requests. it would be nice if you could:

1) reupload the link of VERITY - INTERRUPTED JOURNEY (current link is dead) , maybe adding the 3 B SIDES and Single track which are

- You Got Soul (B side of Stay With Me Baby)
- Stop Pretending (B side of Rescue Me)
- What About Me (1984 single NOT then on the Truth Of The Matter album)

I dont know if Who Do You Think You're Foolin', B side of What About Me, is the same exact recording that appear on Truth Of The Matter and/or the Rock Solid 1989 release.

LuvDa80s said...

Download link seems to be lost. Is it possible to re-up, please?