Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RALPH GRAHAM And DAY III - No Alternative (1996)

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This christian (California based) band one and only album is a very rare and unknown indie that deserved to be listened by AOR fans.
Most of these songs are thoughtful and warm, with loads of harmonies, with the typical christian theme / edge.
The music has it's roots set firmly in the eighties, so obviously the album title not only refers to religion.

Opener 'Through The Fire' is a simply beautiful, catchy tune.
'Blinded' bristle with energy, with a killer chorus to die for. A highlight for sure.
I really like the moody approach of 'Love And War', and the low paced tempo of 'Help Me' which has westcoast leanings.
'Slippin' Away' rocks good again (although I don't like some vocoder parts) with a melting guitar solo.
The AOR drama of 'Cry Of The Children' is another album high point, as it is the smooth appeal of 'It's Your Love'.
End track 'I Want To Know' is a personal favorite, I don't know why, but reminds me a STRANGEWAYS song. Excellent.

A very nice slab of christian rock, a well put together collection of songs, and for the most part, they are all strong that I'm scratching my head trying to find a weak one.
Don't miss this one. BIG thanks to my friend totalaor !
Highly Recommended

01 - Intro
02 - Through The Fire
03 - Blinded
04 - Love And War
05 - Help Me
06 - No Tomorrow
07 - Slippin' Away
08 - Cry Of The Children
09 - It's Your Love
10 - Right
11 - I Want To Know




Unknown said...

Muito Obrigado por esta Maravilha
andei uns anitos para o encontrar

Tudo de Bom pa VC

não percebo nadita de blogs
talvez daqui a uns tempos...

Unknown said...

This is an incredible album indeed. Only had it in cassette but would love to have it in CD.