Tuesday, October 26, 2010

KING OF HEARTS - ST 1989 (1999)

KING OF HEARTS 1989 Funderburk Kelly Keagy
Requested by my friend Juba...

The group KING OF HEARTS born during Richard Marx's "Repeat Offender" recording sessions in 1988.

In fact, this is a duo comprising the talents of multi-platinum songwriter, guitarist, producer, engineer Bruce Gaitsch (Richard Marx, Chicago, Michael Bolton) and Tommy 'the-angels-voice-like-no-other-on-the-face-of-earth' Funderburk, supported by a dream team: Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) on drums and vocals, George Hawkins (Kenny Loggins band) on bass, Bill Champlin (need to say!) on keyboards and vocals and more.

KING OF HEARTS has released 4 albums, all in Japan, Sweden and Germany only.
Particularly this one, their debut, recorded for a major US label in 1989 but rejected, never was published until 1999 by a japanese small company.
And what a gem it is.
Marketed erroneously as a westcoast album (although contains some tracks in this style and vibe), this is pure AOR guys.
Not the swirling-keyboard type, just pure American AOR. And rocks.

I can't highlight one track, all are really good. But 'Remember Me' ... OMG... super-duper first class AOR tune.
Tommy shines everywhere and Gaitsch guitar work is perfect (there's rumors that master Jay Graydon also play guitar, uncredited).
Attention Nigh Ranger fans, many of you do not know the fact that Kelly Keagy did lead vocals here on 'Smack Dab', 'Under The Gun' and 'Was It Good For You', and in 'Everyday' with Funderburk.
No fillers in sight, great song after great song, superb musicianship, terrific songwriting and top notch production.

This request was easy to fill because KING OF HEARTS is one of my favorites AOR acts ever. Yes, it's that GOOD.
High quality rip with scans.
A MUST HAVE, no self-respecting AOR fan should be without it.

01 - Working Man
02 - In So Many Words
03 - Don't Call My Name
04 - Smack Dab
05 - Remember When
06 - Hold On To Love
07 - Under The Gun
08 - Lovin' Arms
09 - Was It Good For You
10 - Everyday
11 - King Of Hearts

Tommy Funderburk: Vocals
Bruce Gaitsch: Guitars
Kelly Keagy: Drums, Vocals
George Hawkins: Bass, Vocals
Additional Musicians:
CJ Vanston: Keyboards
Bill Champlin: Hammond B3, Vocals
Timothy Schmit and Randy Meisner: Backing Vocals

Produced by David Cole & Bruce Gaitsch



Juba.San said...

Thanx for your valuable contribution, as always, my friend. I hope you can help me with the "other one" as well.

Rock on...

Camelblue said...

@ Juba.San:
You're welcome my friend.

Check Juba's great review/info site (also listed in INTERESTING BLOGROLL section):

adriana said...

An album produced by David Cole which I must say surprises me indeed as he is famous in the dance/freestyle arena.

Thiago said...

Wow, this album is very very rare. I love AOR style. It's perfect!

Thanks, Camelblue. You're the guy!

Camelblue said...

@ adriana :
How are you dear?
Well, not that strange. Gaistch wrote Madonna's hit "La Isla Bonita" and songs for/with Celine Dion, Agnetha (ABBA), Chaka Kahn, Lionel Ritchie, Sheena Easton.
And AOR acts too of course: Richard Marx, Chicago, Fee Waybill, Robert Lamm, Champlin, Venice, Amy Sky, Marc Jordan, to name a few...

adriana said...

Hi Camel

I'm doing good.

In reference to your comment both producers are famous but David Cole works is primarily known in dance and freestyle.

There is another producer and singer called Gardner Cole but I am not too sure if they are related. However, Gardner has an album and Bruce Gaitsch appears as guitarist. Check it out on this link http://www.bluedesert.dk/gaitsch_works.html.

I will send you the album very soon.

Camelblue said...

Please do it.
Never heard about him.

501blues said...

Agreed. This is awesome and I don't know why it wasn't released back then.

adriana said...

I will send it to you by the end of the week.

daz-a-cid said...

As always camelblue: you really rocks.
Some time ago i read that Funderburk
did vocals on one song for a movie soundtrack called "Running Scared", and the song´s title is: "Never Too Late To Start"
Is that true or false?

This is the website were i read that:

adriana said...

Hi Camel

Here is the album.

Gardner Cole - Triangles


Camelblue said...

@ adriana :
Thank You!

Camelblue said...

@ daz-a-cid :

Running Scared OST (1986)
Rod Temperton Beatwagon feat. Tommy Funderburk
Never Too Late To Start

daz-a-cid said...

Thanks again

troynew said...

I knew there was a reason I have no self-respect... :o0 I do not own this album!

PS: 'angel's voice like no other on the face of earth'? Really?!?
(Not a big fan, sorry. Just a casual admirer.)

troynew said...

Never mind. Turns out I do own it. The different cover art fooled me.

Camelblue said...

@ troynew :
No, you don't.
You have KING OF HEARTS - ST (1994), not the same album. Includes 2 tracks from this '89 session, and 2 tracks included here but re-recorded '94, the rest are new material.
The 1994 album was the first published but the 2nd recorded, the album posted here is their first recording, but shelved until 1999 and their last published.
To make it more confusing, the 1994 ST album has 4! different cover art, one for Japan, one for Sweden, and 2 (why???) for Germany.
Check it here:

Anonymous said...

Awesome music-
Thank You

troynew said...


Anyone ever tell you you're ridiculously well-informed?
I stand corrected... yet again.

Freeman said...

Thank you from Thailand.


Anonymous said...

One of the best ever AOR albums! Unreal talent!