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WHAT IF - What If (1987)

WHAT IF 1987 Tommy Funderburk

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Tommy Funderburk has been one of the most hired main / background singers since the early 80's ; Airplay, Boston, Stan Bush, The Cult, Tim Feehan, Richard Marx, Van Stephenson, John Waite, Whitesnake and more and more...
Around 1983 Tommy met drummer Bob Wilson from the group SEAWIND, they formed THE FRONT and recorded a cool self titled album in '84 that was followed by a U.S / European tour in 1985.
By 1987 Funderburk and Bob Wilson reformed the band and brought in Larry Williams on keyboards and saxophone, changed name to WHAT IF and released this gem on a major label.

What can I say about this great album... I am Funderburk's unconditional fan.
His high multi-tone vocals, perfect modulation, turns into gold everything it touches. Tommy's performance here, as usual, is perfect.
"Perfect World" written by Glen Burtnik (and later recorded by ALIAS / Freddy Curci solo) is a winner of course, but there's much more on offer here.
Just listen "One Look" vocalization... WOW
"Ride The Hurricane" has an awesome guitar work and "Love Is A Fire" beats you with a killer tempo, even the sax is great and strong.
All tracks are outstanding and production First Class.

Add to the package the 'who is who' in the AOR session world: maestros Michael Landau and Dann Huff on guitars, Larry Klein (pumpin' bass sound!), Casey Young, Paulinho Da Costa, Bill Champlin, Bob Carlisle, etc.
Ripped from the japanese CD (brilliant sound) @ maximum quality.
Highly, Highly Recommended.

01 - What If
02 - If This Is Love
03 - Perfect World
04 - One Look
05 - Ride The Hurricane
06 - She Rocked The World
07 - Love Is A Fire
08 - When Right Is Wrong
09 - Turn And Walk Away

Tommy Funderburk : LEAD Vocals
Larry Williams : Keyboards, Sax
Bob Wilson : Drums
Michael Landau : Guitars
Dann Huff : Guitars
Jakko M. Jakszyk : Guitars
Larry Klein : Bass
Paulinho Da Costa : Percussion
Casey Young : Synthesizer
Eric Persing : Synth, Programming
Bill Champlin : Backing Vocals
Bob Carlisle : Backing Vocals


thanks Lostryder for the re-up


daz-a-cid said...

I´m a big fan of Funderburk´s work.
Thanks XD.

Anonymous said...

This is true AOR.Many thanks camelblue

cat said...

cooool, that's mine! thx

Anonymous said...

great stuff
very nice share

Anonymous said...

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mdssspa at yahoo dot com said...

I am desperate to get my hands on "Jambalaya", that Tommy played for the wedding reception in the movie Steel Magnolias. This is really important to me. Its the only version my soul mate likes, and right now my soul mate and I aren't doing so well, and finding this for him would mean the world to me. Please post back.

Camelblue said...

@ mdssspa:
Steel Magnolias' OST CD features Hank Williams version of Jambalaya.
Sadly, Funderburk's version never was released in any format.
Here's a present for you, ripped from the movie:

Steel Magnolias OST - Tommy Funderburk - Jambalaya (On the Bayou)


Anonymous said...

Please please re-upload. The linked file is gone. I've been looking for this album for years!

Found it said...

Nevermind - found an awesome copy here (320kbs):

Camelblue said...

Funny. That's my rip re-upped by a russian guy.