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PARBER & KERSTEIN - Stories From The Heart (1991)

PARBER & KERSTEIN - Stories From The Heart 2 bonus

Danish songwriters Jan Parber and Jes Kerstein teamed up with Morten Munch (former bassist of cult AOR heroes Skagarack) on the production duties, to release their one and only album "Stories From The Heart" in 1991.
These songs recorded throughout 1990 are heavily inspired and influenced by TOTO with the classic '80s scandi sound in the mix, it could be described as a light version of SKAGARACK combined with TOTO's rhythm / westcoast touches and GLASS TIGER on the hi-tech moments.

Opens with a climatic 'Intro' followed by a TOTOished pumping melodic rocker; "Keep On Waiting", featuring an interesting wall of vocals.
This is a distinctive aspect of this album: unusual background vocals/effects that makes it special.
"You Could Be The Last" is a great '80s flavored midtempo, "I'll Love You Forever" is the first ballad and what a song, I don't know why but remembers me ALIAS / FREDDY CURCI. Again, awesome layered vocals.
"Talk Too Much" seems taken from a 1983-84 american recording: poppy - AOR at its best.
"Love Don't Come Easy" is up next, a killer midtempo AOR that sounds a lot like SKAGARACK with nice keyboards. A really good one.
"Open Up Your Heart" is the 2nd ballad, much more relaxed than the previous, featuring a great power guitar solo.
"The World Keeps On Turning" is like a missing STRANGEWAYS track from the late 80's while "Give It From The Heart" is simple but effective, although I don't like the drum sound here.
"In Your Eyes" is another monster midtempo like DARE '88, great songwriting!
"Angel", another wonderful ballad a la SKAGARACK closes the disc.

This highly sought-after CD was rightly reissued in 2001 with a bonus track; "Once In A Lifetime" the official song for the Trialthon World Championship Games 2001, a bit different to the rest, an anthem-epic style tune, sung by ex Skagarack vocalist Tommy Rasmussen and composed by Parber & Kerstein together with british guitarist Ashly Mulford who had made himself a career with SAD CAFE and Mike & The Mecanics.
But this is a rip from the original 1991 press which sounds much better in my opinion.
I've added "Once In A Lifetime" anyway, and to make it more interesting, the only other song performed and recorded by this band; "Drømmer Om Dig" (Dreamin' Of You), for the 'Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2001' (the danish Eurovision Song Contest). This single was sung by Kenny Lübcke (ex Narita and Zozer Mez).

"Stories From The Heart" is a must for any AOR fan.
The song material is very, very good throughout the album, and it's hard to name favourites. Excellent artistic production / mix as well.
Highly Recommended

01 - Intro
02 - I Keep On Waiting
03 - You Could Be The Last
04 - I'll Love You Forever
05 - Talk Too Much
06 - Love Don't Come Easy
07 - Open Your Heart
08 - The World Keeps On Turning
09 - Give It From The Heart
10 - Moving In Circles
11 - In Your Eyes
12 - Angel
Bonus Tracks:
13 - Once In A Lifetime *
from official '"ITU Triathlon Championship" single
14 - Drømmer Om Dig (Dreams About You) +
from "Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2001"

Jan Parber: Vocals, Background Vocals, Keyboards
Jes Kerstein: Guitars, Keyboards
Morten Munch: Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Bckgr Vocals
Tommy Rasmussen: Keyboards, Lead Vocals*, Bckgr Vocals
Carsten Kolster: Drums
Jan Kaspersen, Jesper Gruschy: Sax
Ole Hansen: Piano
Kenny Lübcke: Vocals +


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